Interior decoration - twenty five trends

cool modern design concrete

Do you already know the most current trends in interior decoration ? Today we will show twenty-five models of designs for different spaces that present the most modern and avant-garde pieces. As we already know, many designers have adopted the strong contemporary and minimalist influence so characteristic of current fashion and have shaped it up to achieve unique and original designs.

Interior decoration with modern designs

nice bedroom neutral colors

The young and not so young today are developed in a society that has evolved towards the pursuit of comfort and functionality at all times. No longer look for pompous pieces that serve as a mere ornament, but each piece of furniture or accessory is chosen with the intention of making it comply with its fundamental work, leaving aesthetics in the background a priori.

Futuristic kitchen design with steel elements

modern kitchen metal steel design

In this kitchen model we can see steel and Corian surfaces, compact furniture with doors and drawers free of handles, and also inlays of Led indirect lights in some of the most important areas. The materials of today are more resistant and easy to maintain, a true luxury that is already available to many.

Interior decoration of House on the Beach

house beach interior design

Above we can see a design of BAK Architects for his project "House on the Beach". Some materials break completely broken with perfectionist aesthetics so sought in times gone by, to create environments of simple and minimalist appearance in which priority is given to the human being and his daily actions, making them more pleasant and enjoyable thanks to the adaptation from the environment to them.

Design of modern living room with fireplace

interior decoration living room fireplace

It is also true that nowadays some elements forgotten for a long time are now acquiring greater prominence. We are talking about floor and wall coverings, but we are also talking about the level architectural structures that have managed to create several different areas within each interior space.

Design of modern living rooms

interior decoration salon amarillo

Interior decoration for modern apartments

Design modern style interior deco

Modern bedroom with bathroom

bathroom bathroom furniture open view

Interior design with internal gardens

modern internal garden design

Decoration of modern bathroom

design modern bathroom carpet

Design of dining room and modern kitchen

kitchen design loft futuristic style

modern kitchen design industrial style

modern juvenile bedroom design

modern interior design wood ceiling

design lounge gray chairs orange

interior spaces modern design

minimalist style kitchen patio design

estuopendo design salon beige

super modern interior design

interior decoration modern stairs wood

fashion design modern interior spaces

floor loft style minimalist design

living room dining table wood

living room modern design wood fireplace

living room modern style wood ceiling

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