Interior decoration vibrant ideas at The Student Hotel

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If you are looking for a unique space to stay with an incredible air of modernity, you can take The Student Hotel into account. In terms of interior decoration, ideas and design is a truly unique space. In addition to short or long-term stays, this hotel offers conference services or simply having a drink in its bar.

Interior decoration ideas and modern proposals

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Located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands this marvel in interior decoration ideas and design is the result of the work of Sarafopoulos Architects and Architekten Cie. On the other hand, the interior of the space was in charge of Staat. Located in a former post office near the town square the hotel has a perfect location.

Interior decoration ideas used for the hall of this beautiful hotel

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Its tallest tower was divided into three sections. The first of these levels is dedicated to common areas. While the intermediate levels accommodate the bedrooms of the students specifically. Leaving the superiors for other hotel guests. In interior decoration ideas and all the design of various spaces bright colors are the first impression.

The vibrant combination of colors is one of the special attributes of the entire design

interior decoration ideas common areas yellow

It is they who can be said to welcome all visitors. As we see in many images, dark tones are distributed throughout the interior. The lobby of The Student Hotel is a representation of that energy. In this area the modern selection of furniture is complemented by blue carpets and various yellow accents.

The yellow in the reception in the same way is distributed in many of the details

interior decoration reception yellow steps

Each of these details is a preview of what can be seen inside the hotel. Inside all this interior decoration ideas the reception in a bright yellow is outstanding. This makes it a perfect reference point. The same line of colors Brightly follows the restaurant and bar. Based on furniture of these tones that are filled with style next to yellow lamps.

The same line of colors follows the design of the bar and the restaurant with bright colors

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All the waste of color in the same way reaches the ground. A part of the bar that can not be overlooked in any way. The interior decoration ideas and all the style extends even to the gym. A well space with everything necessary for guests. Machines, balls or ropes guarantee a perfect training.

The floor is one of the impressive attractions of the entire open area of ​​the bar

interior decoration ideas bar restaurant floors

If it is about sharing with friends in a more relaxed environment there is another very practical option. It is a very lively game room with pool tables and ping pong. The whole room has a unique lighting thanks to the entrance of natural light in this space. A possible aspect thanks to the wide windows that occupy from the floor to the ceiling.

Gym area equipped with everything needed for a hotel workout

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The Student Hotel by Sarafopoulos Architects and Architects Cie does not overlook the work areas. Therefore, a study room was included. Another incredible area that allows students to work on any task. The best of all is that regardless of the project can be done in a different environment than a library.

The entire design maintains an open line that connects the entire gym space

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Another conference room makes this interior decoration ideas and the whole design a harmonious and charming aspect. With several rows of seats it is possible to attend any presentation or conference in a modern space. Here in the same way natural light is used to the fullest. As a great aesthetic detail in a whole wall should highlight a beautiful mural that decorates it with great charm.

A game room near the gym is another special offer to enjoy among friends

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All the range of bright colors even reach the laundry. A service available for long or short term guests. The difference is that you can wash in a different environment and why not even fun. All the charm of the colors and the optical effect is exploited in the interior decoration ideas and the style of a room with optical illusion.

Very functional working area that includes furniture and several areas for books

attractive work area equipped functional booksellers

A space where white and black are contrasted and can be used for meetings or work on any project. If necessary, it is also a suitable site for presentations. Another very special aesthetic aspect is the furniture in the rooms. A combination of modern and mid-century furniture was chosen.

Impressive auditorium room with yellow accents and great comfort in the design

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With great harmony, each of the elements of contemporary design is mixed. Hanging lights, textiles with geometric shapes are some solutions for relaxing and comfortable rooms. The style of the bathrooms with large black tiles similarly complements all this contemporary aesthetics of the rooms.

The washing area covers all comfort needs while washing at the hotel

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Another incredible space with floors and walls with striking geometric effects

geometric walls effect incredible armchairs

The style of the rooms has a visual impact that is warm and very pleasant

cozy room special warm wallets

Small, very functional workspace with retro-style furniture in light wood

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The light gray floor is perfect for highlighting each color detail

light tones walls accent ideas floors

Walls in black and white furniture result in a harmonious bathroom full of elegance

modern bathroom black white special furniture

The furniture designed for the rooms cover all storage needs

modrna zone work conditions special rooms

The white walls are the best backdrop for every decorative detail of color

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Luminarias in yellow in perfect combination with the furniture of the modern space

bar area special contrast vibrant tables lamparas

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