Interior decoration with plants, give yourself well-being.

interior decoration with plants wood floor window

A green space is always welcome. A place where we can enjoy the greenery without the need to go out to our patio or simply for those who do not have one. Its positive influence on our state of mind and overall health is indisputable. A site that in summary also gives us fresh air a whole scenario of good taste in terms of design . That is the idea that I propose today in terms of interior decoration with green plants. The first thing is to make an adequate selection of plants that adapt to the light and humidity conditions that we have inside our home.

Interior decoration with waterfall plants

interior decoration with waterfall plants green hanging

There are varieties such as ferns that adapt very well to low light areas. The interior decoration with plants also recommends the Calatea in these cases. We must be very cautious in the use of tropical plants, since they require high levels of humidity. For a rather dry environment we could opt for the Cactus. The location is something fundamental and necessary. It is necessary to be located in areas away from doors or large windows. The air currents could damage them.

Interior decoration with potted plants

interior decoration with vine plants pot plant

The window is ideal for plants that require a lot of light. Las Crasas are ideal for this location if sunlight is very intense. If we have textiles As curtains we can play to combine both elements. Although we must also think about the color of the pots or adjust them to our own design. Although we recommend the combination of plants of different green tones, we can use others.

Interior decoration with plants, metal pot

interior decoration with indoor flower pot plants

Only in the decoration of interiors with plants we must avoid at all costs the abuse in the mixture of bright colors. We would lose the feeling of harmony and calm that the green transmits. If we have some stairs we can place on it some pots and use it as a planter. We could also choose to hang some on it. There really is no distinction regarding the site. The effect and the result is undoubtedly worth living, green - the color of renewal and health.

Flowerpot made in clay

interior decoration with clay pot plants

Different varieties of plants

interior decoration with plants pots design salon

Location in window with sunlight

interior decoration with plants window curtain light

Cascade variation

interior decoration with green plants garden hanging

Vertical garden indoors

interior decoration with plants vertical garden interior

Potted cascade plant

interior decoration with plants waterfall house climber

Plants in front of window with sunlight

house sofa design green wood skins

Colorful flower pots

colors flower pots wood decoration design

room green plant sofa bed cushions

fern plants decoration center table

man phone pots plants windows

interior garden staircase design rocks

furniture jarron interior decorated armchair

green flowers style plant wall

indoor plants flowerpot furniture table

indoor plants flowerpot chair design

plant sun waterfall modern glass

plants palms lights decoration ferns

wicker chair flower book

window succulents glass plants light

succulents window glass frog light flowerpot

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