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Many times when we want to decorate the interior and when we choose the colors for the walls we want to make a perfect combination to achieve a modern and elegant style for our house. However, many times we lose ourselves in our imagination and the final result may not satisfy us. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the interior design color black and we will show you some photos of which you can use the ideas that you like the most.

Very modern design interiors in black

elegant design interiors

One of the most important things for elegance are the paint colors for fashionable interiors that you can use. We advise you to focus on the dark tones and the black color because this color has always been related to business and the sphere of modernity and elegance. From the black color you can make other types of decorations in the interior, on the walls and even in the furniture.

Design interiors in which the black color predominates

modern design interiors

On the other hand, in the design of interiors you can also make some very elegant color combinations. Another color that is betting on modern decoration is the golden color. In addition this color combines very well with black and creates a contrast not very strong that is pleasing to the eye. This decoration can be done with a golden panel on the wall and with small golden accents on the inside.

A very modern and elegant black interior

interior design black

In contrast, another option for decorating modern interiors is to combine two styles. You can choose the modern style and the classic one because the mix is ​​very original and attractive. The black colo is the one that will introduce the style and modernity and for the classic style you can opt for some furniture that gives a traditional air to the interior.

The decoration of the interior with some plants

black design interiors

On the other hand, the decoration of modern interiors can also be done with some plants. In the photo above, the size of the plant increases the originality of the interior and introduces a jungle point into the environment.

Black furniture for kitchen decoration

modern black design interiors

The interior design can also be reflected in your kitchen. In this case, you can leave the black color for the furniture and for the walls you can choose a more light color to create a contrast. In this way the color of the furniture will be the necessary accent for your kitchen.

The combination of three colors for bedroom decoration

bedroom design interiors

In contrast, in bedrooms modern interior design becomes a somewhat easier task because you can make a decoration of three levels. The first level would be the color that will serve as background and is the one that you have to use for the walls. You can use the color of the second level for the furniture and the color of the third level is what you can use to accentuate. However, you have to bear in mind that the proportion of these colors has to be adequate for the result to be pleasant.

Very modern and original furniture for interior decoration

interior design salon

On the other hand, modern design interior decoration can also be achieved with original furniture. There are furniture with very attractive shapes like the ones you see in the image above. These furniture are usually made to order and you can choose the colors that best match your interior.

The combination of dark and white tones for the interior

black design interiors living room

On the other hand, in interior design you can also opt for dark tones that do not necessarily have to be black. In this way the black color can be used to accentuate some parts of the interior and you can create a very original effect by making the different shades melt.

A very modern interior decorated with black and gray

modern design living room interiors

Other colors that you can use for design interiors are shades of gray. For that you can also use metal as a decorative detail. In this case the black color can be used to create accents inside. On the other hand, you can also combine not only colors and styles, but also textures.

A carpet with a white decoration to accent the interior

design interiors living room

On the other hand, in the interior design you can use the white color to create the accents. In this way you will achieve not only striking accents, but also accents that stand out for the contrast that is created between black and white. These accents can be done on the floor with a carpet or also on the walls with some shelves or paintings.

A bedroom in which modern and classic style combine

interior design room

In this photo you can see the result of the combination of modern and classic style in the bedroom. The traditional air is introduced by some of the furniture and modernity and elegance by the rest of the decoration. In this way you will create a very original interior.

A bedroom decorated with black on the walls and ceiling

black interior design

A white interior with black accents

black interior design

The combination of the light color of the wood in a kitchen of black color

black modern interiors

A dark gray interior that blends with the black color of the decoration

modern interior decoration

A very modern chair to increase the style and elegance in the interior

modern interior design

A black interior with very bright and vivid accents

paint colors for fashionable interiors

Decorating the interior wall in black with a white box

modern interior decoration

Black design interiors by Tamizo Architects¹

elegant interior design

Using the black granite for the decoration of the walls

elegant interior design

A black interior with golden accents to decorate it

stylish modern interiors

A white bedroom with a black bed to contrast

black modern interior decoration

A very modern decoration of the interior with orange accents on a black background

modern decoration of black interiors

¹ Tamizo Architects

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