Interior design inspired by the Scandinavian style

open kitchen living room large window table chairs wood lamps

When thinking about interior design in the Scandinavian style, the elements that come to mind are brightness, lightness, simple lines, beige and neutral tones. However the details have nothing to do with the description that we have given most of the interior designs Scandinavian style focuses on the details that can surprise you with the use of vibrant colors.

Interior design kitchen open to the dining room in the Scandinavian style

kitchen scandinavian style white wood table chairs modern design

Lighting and lamps are a very important part of the design and are used as a main accessory. We can say the same about the tile walls that we can sometimes find in a Scandinavian apartment. The image of a house or apartment may seem simple but it is full of warmth and comfort.

Interior design in white for walls and furniture

interior design blue carpet anade color living Scandinavian ideas

The owners of the Scandinavian house always add decorations that are very peculiar and have to do with personal moments and are very close to their hearts. At first glance, these images look simple and elegant tones with clean, black and white lines. But if you look you will see the interesting details that draw stripes floral motifs prints.

Living room with Scandinavian style fireplace

interior design fireplace carpet stripes white black ideas

Details that you will also find in vintage doors and tables cabinets. Apartments dressed in light tones of earthy tones and pure white and common spaces with an open design creating a cozy atmosphere. The touches in blue will never look bad and even more when combined with white.

Lovely blue bedside table

interior design blue color nightstand night ideas

You can also find the gray color on the walls or the floor and the brick walls that give an industrial touch to the Scandinavian houses. The classic Scandinavian look you will find in the pieces of furniture that are very interesting. For example, a magnificent bookcase with striking color as the center of attention or a fireplace. Now we leave you with the images that come after interior design in the Scandinavian style.

Large bedroom with a large bed

interior design bedroom scandinavian style blue ideas

Light blue for living room walls

interior design Scandinavian style light blue chair black ideas

Beautifully designed Scandinavian-style living room

interior design scandinavian style recessed shelves blue wall ideas

Minimalist style for large rooms

interior design large island white countertop wooden floor ideas

Small sofa and wooden table in living room

interior design table wood lamparas ideas salon blanco

Bedroom with touches of blue in wall and curtains

interior design walls combination white blue ideas

interior design beautiful red armchair comfortable ideas

interior design large sofa dark blue focus salon ideas

minimalist design dining room Scandinavian style floor ideas wood

minimalist style kitchen scandinavian style island ideas

George Nelson lamparas bubble yellow sofa salon ideas

Lamps combine oriental style scandinavian salon ideas

modern interior living room Scandinavian style fireplace ideas

paper wall motifs floral scandinavian bedroom ideas

wall tiles anade texture color kitchen scandinavian style

white walls table chairs leather black wood shelves ideas

living room contemporary style scandinavian living room ideas modern design

living room modern scandinavian style sofa leather orange ideas

Beautiful lamp designed by Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon lamp beautiful living Scandinavian modern ideas

decoration open spaces white walls high ceiling ideas

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