Interior design of small houses, ideas for living room, kitchen and bedrooms

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Are you ready to create a modern decoration in your small interiors with some useful tips for these spaces? This article I have decided to dedicate precisely to this topic of interior design of houses small in which the diemnsiones usually make it difficult when furnishing some of the rooms. Therefore, here we are going to focus on the living rooms, the kitchens and the bedrooms , which are the rooms where we usually spend the most time.

Interior design of small houses, oriented to the living rooms

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Before starting to decorate and before choosing the furniture for the interiors, they have to take into account, in the first place, the peculiarities that hide in themselves the small spaces and, secondly, the peculiarities of each room in particular. So, the main thing that they have to remember is that in the small interiors the light and neutral colors are very important to create the sensation of space.

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On the other hand, once they have chosen an appropriate tone for the walls, the furniture has to be of adequate dimensions for that space. This means that when they enter the interior, the sensation that has to predominate is that of spacing, enlargement and comfort. Nobody likes to be in a room where there are too many pieces of furniture that are placed so close together that they seem to be on top of us.

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Our great advice is that in this type of interior the furniture of room do not have to be large and dark colors, because in this case they will completely spoil the design. In addition, the decorative objects that will increase the elegance and modernity of the house are those that are made of glass. Bet on them and they will not make a mistake in the election.

Some tips to create the interior design of houses and small rooms

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There are different variants that concern precisely the furniture to decorate the interiors and that extend from the toilets to the folding tables and dividers. The tacodores are an ideal furniture for the area of ​​the entrance or hall. One of the peculiarities of small houses is that the hall and living room are almost melted, which can be used to complete the decoration.

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At the same time, among the furniture for the home can also choose folding tables that can be stored elsewhere or can also become another type of furniture. This variant is perfect for one or two bedroom apartments where there are not enough beds for the inhabitants. In this way, the sofa or table in the living room can become a very comfortable bed that comes out of the wall.

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On the other hand, if your main problem is that you do not have too many things that do not know where to store and put, the most appropriate solution for your case are modern furniture that have armrests that open and have drawers. In this way, your interior will always be collected and stored.

An interior design of houses made with the most appropriate furniture for the living room

Interior design of modern living-rooms

As I mentioned above, the most appropriate home furniture for a small living room are the multifunctional ones. Among them you can find the sofa beds. These furniture have models that can be broken into armchairs and others that unfold and become beds. In addition, its multifunctional feature is not the only positive quality that they offer, since they also have a nice and elegant design.

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On the other hand, the shelves and the shelves also offer a wide range of varieties and possibilities for small spaces. Among them the most appropriate are those that also have drawers in which they can store many things. In this way, they can add furniture that will not occupy an additional space that they will need for other things or simply to make the surface look more spacious and orderly.

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In addition, coffee tables, which are often referred to as coffee tables, are small furniture that placed in front of a two-seat sofa will be the perfect place to leave some glasses. At the same time, there are designs that will not only encourage and help them decorate and design the interior, but also offer them some compartments that they can take advantage of.

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Once all this has been done, do not forget that the design of the furniture and the colors have to reflect your tastes and preferences so that you feel comfortable in your home. Also, if you have chosen a light shade for the interior, you can combine it with a few darker long curtains. On the other hand, if dark tones dominate indoors, do not hesitate to choose the clear shades for the curtains.

An interior design of houses for small and modern kitchens

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For its part, the kitchens are also one of the difficult spaces to furnish, since in most cases we want that when we enter we see a countertop with cabinets, we want there to be a table with several chairs and if possible also an island of kitchen. However, in most cases the kitchens do not have dimensions that allow us to introduce all this inside.

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For that reason, we are going to make a division of the kitchen games that we can find in the market, to be able to choose the one that suits us best. We will divide them into three groups and each of them will be defined by the arrangement of the furniture: disposition in line, at an angle and in the form of a U.

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In the first case, the online or linear layout illustrates those kitchen sets that are designed to occupy one or two walls. This means that these games are ideal for decorating modern houses in which the kitchen has an elongated shape. On the other hand, the angular or angular arrangement will be very good and is suitable for both square interiors and those with a more elongated shape. Its strong point is that it frees a lot of space.

An interior design of houses with small kitchens

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For its part, the arrangement that has a U shape is ideal for interiors where the dining room is located outside the kitchen. In this way, the space left free in the kitchen itself is quite broad. Once they have determined their disposition and the form of the game that they are going to use, they have one last very important detail that concerns the most voluminous piece of furniture that is the fridge.

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It is true that there are refrigerators of different sizes, like small refrigerators, but surely the functional and practical is important for you, which will choose a refrigerator that allows them to store more food. There is a very important rule in modern kitchen interiors and kitchen games that deals with the following: each kitchen set should start or end with a refrigerator .

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The main reason for this rule concerns both the design of kitchen furniture, and the work area that we have left free. From the point of view of aesthetics and design, if we place it following the rule we will avoid the visual superposition of furniture. On the other hand, from the functional point of view, a wider area of ​​work will be opened that will be more comfortable for us.

An interior design of houses and small kitchens with the essential objects

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One of the safest ways to create a decoration and a simple design and, at the same time, elegant in the kitchen is opting for the main and fundamental furniture. This means having a countertop, which will be your workplace, the appliances, which are mandatory, and the cabinets and drawers, as they will be your storage place.

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In addition, as in any room of the house, the choice and ideas must be made based on the general style that will reign in the interior. For small interiors, we have already said that white or light colored furniture is the most appropriate. In this way, the interior will be filled with more light and improve its aesthetic side.

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On the other hand, if what you want is to make a game with colors and lighting, the best way to achieve this is by using furniture with decorative accents of a darker tone around the edges and in its lower part. The upper part has to be a light color because light will focus on it.


On the other hand, if they have space for a small table, the best thing is that they bet on some drawers and cabinets where they can be stored if they do not need it. If not, you can choose a round or square table of small dimensions and can bet on folding chairs. Thus, they will not have problems with the space inside their kitchen.

An interior design of houses and small bedrooms, bed or sofa?

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When we have before our eyes a small bedroom that we have to furnish it is normal that we start with the most important piece of furniture that has to appear inside it, which is the bed. However, in many cases people prefer to place a sofa without paying attention to some small details that are quite important.

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The first thing you have to remember is that, as in the living rooms, in the small bedrooms the bedroom furniture does not have to be big and bulky because it will look a little ridiculous inside. Therefore, the size of the bed and its choice must always be based on the dimensions offered by the room.

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Once you have chosen the bed, make sure that it has a small headboard and remember that the sumplifications of the forms and furniture is very important in these cases. Also, it is better to opt for a bed without legs. The ideal option is a low furniture with drawers in its lower part in which they can store clothes, blankets, sheets, etc.

The choice of a sofa and the interior design of houses and small bedrooms

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The sofa is the perfect variant of a bed in cases where the interior is too small and a bed would hinder the passage along the sides, next to the walls. However, do not forget that the chosen sofa has to provide comfort and the option of becoming a bed.

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Also, do not forget that the best position for the bed is a wall on which the headboard can rest. It is also better that the bed occupies a more or less central position so that it can be passed on both sides. On the other hand, do not forget that the closet, perhaps, is the bedroom furniture that will occupy more space, therefore, do not hesitate to choose one with sliding doors. In this way, the doors will not take away space when you open them.

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Another interesting and original way to place the table is in a corner, diagonally in the room. In the free space that will be behind you can place a bedside table and decorate it with some photos and vases. On the other hand, the other furniture that is not intimately related to the bedrooms and the activity that takes place in them, is better to remove them.

Furniture in interior design of houses and small bedrooms

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On the other hand, if you want to complete the decoration of a few small wooden bedrooms should choose a few details and decorative elements more tiny and not go over the amount of decoration. In addition, the curtains in the dormitories are better than light colors and pastels that will bring peace of mind.

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Then, I will leave you with more photos of bedrooms and small bathrooms from which you can get many ideas in terms of decoration and furniture.

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