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Trends in interior design living rooms and living rooms are being transformed in this new season. The combinations of the elements are more attractive than ever, and the materials offer the best to ensure ergonomics, comfort and beauty to these modern interiors.

Original interior design ideas for living rooms and living rooms

modern lounges

The truth is that styles are beginning to merge bringing out the best in everyone. At present it is possible to see many designs that combine rustic elements with other contemporaries; or an industrial style interspersed with vintage pieces.

Original designs of interior design trends

interior design salons design

The living room is one of the most vital rooms in the house; This room is considered the main room in the house because it is a place that welcomes the whole family at all times. It is the place where the family spends most of their time watching television and reading books, magazines and newspapers.

Design of living room with ethnic rugs

living room carpet

Therefore, the living room becomes an essential place in the house, where all members of the family spend most of their time, from children to adults.

Original design of living room furniture

blue sofa

For this reason we must review the efficiency in the selection of the design of the living room to be consistent with the function. There are certain criteria that must be met in choosing the design of the living room in order to obtain a successful final design. We will show here some tips that should be followed when selecting the design of the living room.

Original living room decoration bauhaus style

modern design

Discover the best suggestions for the design of the living room and the ideas of modern inspiration in the budget; Learn to choose the colors of the living room, furniture, carpets and all the decorating ideas that you like the most.

Beautiful Scandinavian style living room decoration

living room

You must achieve the standards of comfort in the furniture selected for your living room, so that it makes the choice of furniture focusing on the user of the room.

Original living room decoration in modern style

modern interiors

Because all family members spend most of their time in the living room, you must provide comfort for them by luxuriously choosing modern furniture, and giving a comfortable feeling to the users of the room, so that they can spend their time in enjoying

Great interior design ideas for living room

lounge fireplace

And also, you should consider the distribution of furniture in the room correctly so that there is no error in the design of the living room. Maybe you prefer the hiring of a decorator so that you can indicate the best solutions for the distribution of furniture in the room correctly.

Modern interior design by * Studioform

living room

For example, you can put all pieces of furniture in the same direction. Perhaps the living room has some focal point or even several; direct your furniture towards them.

Living room furniture in vintage style

living room design

You should not put pieces of furniture under or near the windows for several reasons, including that putting the furniture under the window makes the use of the window complicated, being difficult to open and close quickly. It is also not very safe for children.

Set of original furniture for living room

gray room

One of the most important things you should consider when choosing furniture for the living room is the choice of suitable materials.

Interior design salons and original decoration ideas

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For example, you should choose fabrics and materials that are easy to clean and place the pieces at a distance that also allows easy access for maintenance.

Retro furniture for the living room

lounge furniture

And you should also choose suitable colors for the living room For this, it must be considered with the location and the natural light that enters your living room.

White living room furniture set

white and wood

Preferably to simple design ideas and stay away from annoying designs and full of shapes and lines, because a living room should achieve a comfort for the visual users in the room, who spend most of the time in it.

Original set of modern furniture for living room

nice decoration

Having learned this, do not be afraid to experiment with the elements and styles of decoration in your home. In this design that we see below you can appreciate an original pop art style painting that bursts into the center of the design;

Original pop style decoration

blue sofa

in combination with the sofa blue and retro-inspired chair form a modern space full of personality.

Industrial style living room decorated with plants

wall pots

This industrial-looking interior has been softened with a very natural and simple decoration. The plants on the wall are the perfect complement for a window of such size.

Original living room decoration in modern style

natural plants

Now we leave you with the rest of the images in our gallery so that you can take inspiration, we will come back very soon with more news of interest, do not forget to visit our website.

Modern living room with blue sofa

original sofa

Original modern decoration for living room

modern living room

Design of living room with brown carpet

minimalist lounge

Design of eclectic style lounges

nice decoration

Original boho chic style living room design

jewels colors

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