Interior design that combines wood and black and white colors

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The decoration of the interiors can be done very modern and elegant if we use decorative details that combine with each other and also increase the style of our homes. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about the interior design of two very elegant houses in which the wood and it is combined with black and white colors.

Very modern and elegant interior design of a house

elegant modern interior design

Keep in mind that the interior design in which the wood is included and the two colors that we mentioned, greatly enhances the elegance of the interiors. In addition The white color and the black color create a decorative contrast between them that is a bit aggressive, but the light color of the wood balances the difference between the tones and in this way very pleasant interiors are created.

The interior design of a house in which wood is combined with black and white colors

modern interior design

On the one hand, in the salons you can bet on an interior design in which the walls They are white and have decorative wooden details. However, the contrasts can be introduced with a carpet with a black and white decoration. In this way you will subtly include the contrast in your living room and also the light colors of the walls will increase the illumination of the interior and will open it.

A very elegant decoration of the interiors with wood and colors that contrast each other

modern house interior design

In addition to increase the lighting effect in your living room you can also make an interior design with white furniture. On the other hand, so that the colroes do not melt you can use different tones that do not differ much from each other. However, you have to be careful not to go over with the colors since you can create a very colorful interior that would be far from elegance and style.

Using the decorative details of black color to make a contrast in the decoration of the interiors

elegant modern house interior design

On the other hand, you must also take into account that you can increase the style and elegance of your interior with design interiors in which you can include some decorative details on the walls. You must also bear in mind that these can be bright and that the soft lighting in the interiors also encourages modernity and elegance.

Using wood for modern decoration of walls and floors

interior design elegant modern houses

On the other hand, you can also choose very modern and original lights from an interior designer. These lights can be differentiated from the classic ones and you can place them on the floor. In addition, light when it is combined with light colored wood intensifies it. On the other hand, you can also create a decorative contrast using light and dark shades of wood. You can use a wardrobe with doors of dark colors and in this way you will introduce the style and modernity in the interiors.

Using a darker colored wood to decorate one of the walls with a wardrobe

interior design elegance style

However, the design of interior decoration can also be done with a low coffee table. This will be very comfortable in the wardrobes and you can use it to sit down or to put some things on top. You can choose a light colored wooden table and in this way its color will combine with the wood tones of the interior.

A bedroom that combines light and dark tones to make a very modern and elegant decoration

interior design elegance style

On the other hand, in the bedrooms you can make some interior designs in which you bet mainly on the contrasts between light and dark colors and wood you can use it to make some decorative details or for the decoration of the floor. In this way you will increase the modernity and elegance of your bedroom and also complete the decoration with wooden details.

Completing the decoration of your bedroom with a bed of black colro and white sheets that create a decorative contrast

modern bedroom interior design

A black headboard with lights that complete the decoration of the intreior of your bedroom

interior design modern bedrooms

The interior design of a bedroom with light colors and a light colored wood for the ceiling

elegant bedroom interior design

The interior decoration of your bedroom using neutral tones and light colors

modern interior design

A very modern decoration for the bedrooms with wood for the ceiling and light colors for the walls

modern interior design

The combination of black and white to create elegant contrasts in the kitchen

interior design modern houses

Adding additional decoration with a plant placed on the window with original shapes

modern interior design

Filling the interior of the bathrooms with style and elegance with soft and neutral colors to decorate

elegant modern interior design

A mirror with very modern shapes to increase the style and elegance of the interior of your bathroom

modern interior designer

Using the light tones of the green color to decorate the bathrooms' patios combined with the neutral tones of the brown color

interior decoration design

The interior design of a very modern and elegant bathroom with a decoration with soft and neutral tones

modern interior designs

Using some furniture and wooden cabinets for the modern decoration of your bathroom

elegant modern interior design

A mirror with a very elegant design for the decoration of your bathroom placed on top of the sink

modern design interiors

Creating a very original and elegant decorative contract with a black carpet in an interior with light colors

elegant modern interior design

Placing some hidden lights behind decorative panels to complete the decoration and to increase the elegance of the interior

elegant modern design interiors

The interior design of modern and elegant houses with wood to decorate the walls and with light and dark colors that contrast

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