Interior designs ideas for modern small spaces

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In terms of interior design ideas for small spaces are always welcome. Below we suggest you to explore a good example of these cases. It is a project located in France, specifically in Bordeaux.

Interior designs ideas for small spaces

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This small apartment is a special show in terms of interior design ideas for small spaces and brightness. It was redesigned in the two thousand and fourteen and several reforms were introduced to make it more functional. Everything that leads in the same way to an update of his style. An interesting project fruit of the collaboration of Mickael Martins Afonso and L'Atelier Miel. The main challenge faced by these creators was to work in a small space.

Interior designs ideas to take advantage of functional spaces

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Focusing efforts on making it look more spacious and illuminated. However, some of the existing features made the work a little easier. Especially the fact that this small apartment had ten windows. Which translates into a great advantage in terms of light and views. With what you could take advantage of natural light to the fullest. For the designers it was necessary to work on the emphasis of lighting and several functional aspects. They chose to paint the walls and ceiling white.

Interesting combination of wooden floors and open shelves

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This was a great help to create a decoration that was more homogeneous and minimalist. However, this required in the same way some kind of contrast. The cozy touch for the environment is essentially given by the floor. It is chestnut that the designers chose to preserve. They took advantage of their golden accent to give a charming look to all the decoration. In general, wood is the main material used in the furniture throughout the apartment.

A large number of windows provides an excellent source of natural light

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The benefits of being a small space are several. With the wood, greater harmony and contrast is achieved in the interior. Everything with a great balance thanks to its natural elegance. Another important part of the challenge was to create an optimal space that will adapt to all day-to-day functions. Especially without the apartment looking small or messy. In the planning of the space, two large units were placed.

A work area that can be used for various functions in the house

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The first placed in the living room along a wall. It has a large storage capacity and integrates a library with open and closed compartments. Below is a desk and a whole series of modules with wheels that are also used for storage. The second unit is placed on the opposite wall and is incorporated into the laundry, kitchen and staircase service. In this last case it is a good example of design to save space.

This part of the section also has a good natural light entrance

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The entire structure includes other areas for storage including a good size shoe rack. The kitchen can be accessed from anywhere and all appliances are hidden. What keeps a clean and tidy look very important for small spaces. The staircase leads to the upper floor with an area of ​​greater privacy. In this space both the bathroom area and the room are equally bright. The decoration is similar to the areas mentioned on the ground floor. Especially the bathroom looks very elegant thanks to its combination of wood and marble.

Another section dedicated to the staircase with open cupboards

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It also has a wide and functional shoe rack

Multifunction shoe rack parts living rooms

Interior designs ideas and view of the white roofs throughout the apartment

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Marble and wood combination for an elegant bathroom

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View from the top floor that shares the same decoration style, L'Atelier miel

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