Interior patio - fifty modern ideas to decorate it

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Playground of interior, a contradiction that is causing sensation in the architectural and landscape designs of the whole world. It is a fusion of spaces that turns out to be very attractive. As we have seen in previous articles about modern architecture, today architects and designers very often try to connect outdoor spaces with indoor spaces to give a feeling of greater spaciousness and freedom of movement.

Interior patio with modern design

courtyard interior fountain stones wall

On the contrary, in the designs of small indoor gardens, what is sought is to add a natural touch to places that are too gray and artificial. It is also a perfect option for the houses of the blocks of flats, there is no need to do without a beautiful garden just to be on the fifteenth floor, you can create your own natural oasis in almost anywhere.

Modern architecture design with interior garden

interior garden flower boxes bridge

In our collection of images we will show you different designs that present both glass aquarium cabins for interior, as well as rear gardens of reduced space of the most contemporary style, like this one that appears in the image above. We are looking at a signature design Assemblage Studio for a spectacular home located in Las vegas. In this case the garden occupies a semiexterior area and is decorated with several natural elements such as fire and rocks.

Modern bathroom with patio access

modern bathroom patio garden

The prestigious architect Hendrik Petrus Berlage describes the patio as an architectural element capable of adding natural lighting and a contrast of shadows, and actually consists of a space of light with a private nature, therefore, perhaps privacy is the first feature that differentiates the courtyards of the gardens.

Interior of residence in Mohali, Punjab, India

luxury house in India

In a country with a history and culture like that of India, it is always interesting to see how designers and architects bring that context into their modern efforts. The single-family house presented in the image above was designed by the Charged Vacids team. The residence is located in Mohali, Punjab, India, which is a region that is experiencing tremendous modern growth at this time. For this reason, the house was designed to be something universal in its presentation. This elegant and beautiful house acts as a blank slate for what the modern family chooses to move. Even from an initial look abroad, it is easy to see the interaction of many different forms that create a unique spatial design inside. The layers of the house unfold from the ground floor, spiraling around a central inner courtyard, which acts as the axis of the design.

Interior of luxury residence

nice patio

Because the house was not sold when construction began, the architects wanted to ensure the broadest possible market for the house. This is the reason why the design, from the color scheme to the construction materials, is luxurious, but still largely neutral. That is also why they decided to adhere to the Indian principles of Vaastushastra, ideas that dictate the designs of the building, the measurements, the arrangements and other architectural details. While not all Indian families adhere to these ideas, a house that will be more likely to sell.

Nice interior design

luxurious interiors

There is also a strong connection to the outdoors, even inside the house. Starting with the central patio, where a tree stands with room to grow, there are also a series of covered balconies, water features, and long glass windows that allow sunlight to enter throughout the day.

Luxurious interior

modern interior patios

The details of the house include five bedrooms, which can be decorated in any bright and beautiful manner on top of their neutral and elegant canvases. Three bedrooms are located above, while the other two are on the ground floor, next to the common areas.

Luxurious residence

house in India

We may never know exactly how this house is configured as it becomes a home, but we can be sure to know that it will be built against this beautiful backdrop.

Library design with interior garden

super library interior garden chair

Next we can see a really exquisite design. What better combination for relaxation and well-being than the combination of reading and nature. In this fabulous library there is a central garden that has been created for contemplation, as well as Zen-style Japanese gardens that are so well known today.

Decoration of interior gardens in zen style

beautiful cabins gardens zen glass

In fact all this tendency to add gardens to interior spaces comes from the East. Many will know that in some countries of Asia the houses have space reduced. In turn, Eastern culture has a special dedication to meditation. For these two reasons arose the small indoor courtyards inside transparent glass aquariums.

Interior garden design decorated with stones

nice tree patio interior garden

If you are thinking of glazing a plot in your garden, we suggest using glass panels that can be folded down. As for the decoration of the interior patio, it will depend on you the selection of the plants although if what you want is to achieve a more Zen aspect for your garden we recommend adding gravel and rocks.

Glass panels for glazing gardens

aquarium cabin garden interior plants

It is great to have a natural landscape so close. Although we tend to see interior pots, nothing is comparable to a plot created especially for living beings. In it the plants will be more protected and this guarantees its good development. Let's make the vegetation feel comfortable in our house by creating a personalized space for them.

Glazed indoor gardens

cabin aquarium garden inner courtyard

Glazed garden decorated with stones

cabin stones gardens small path

Minimalist design with glazed garden

minimalist style interior garden design

Modern architecture design with interior garden

design corridors garden small pot

Bedroom with access to the interior garden

white bedroom interior garden shower

Small garden design with pool

pond garden interior wood path

Design of bathroom with interior patio

fourth bathroom wood patio path

Nice interior garden design

super small garden design

fabulous interior garden design tree

flowers plants garden interior bench

interior gardens modern patios

modern gardens interior design landscape

Modern gardens interior futuristic design

small gardens modern minimalist design

small gardens zen style design

Zen gardens design for interior

large garden modern gravel design

interior garden red tree design

Beautiful interior garden modern design

interior garden plants tree

interior garden glass panels

Garden interior sofa red cushions

small garden semi covered

garden dry narrow rocks plants

garden terrace interior exterior garage

zen garden modern bathroom stones

smooth wood tree interior patio

inner courtyard tree stones deco

patio interior tree dry stones

patio interior cabin wood plants

patio interior kitchen jungle plants

Super interior patio modern design

small interior courtyard zen style

interior patios wooden terrace

patio night lights palms stairs

semi-covered patio modern design

interior patios nice wood design

inner courtyards island plants oasis

small garden interior plants flowers

small garden style zen salon

modern living rooms small bamboo gardens

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