Interiors of houses design open to the outside Casa MCNY

interiors of houses design modern environments wood

When it comes to interior design houses and their decoration we have presented incredible proposals. Today we also have another that is a luxury home. A space full of functionality and good taste.

Interiors of houses design connected to the outside

interiors of houses design crystals elegant living rooms

Located in Brazil, it is a house that adapts perfectly to the climate due to its style and the solutions it presents. When it comes to countries where a warm climate predominates almost all year round, this open concept is perfect. For interiors of houses design in the form of open plan the fusion of housing with nature is perfect. The climate is better used and the lifestyle is not affected at all.

Interiors of houses design combination of materials throughout the house

interiors of houses design concrete wood metals

The proposal of MF + Arquitetos that we show today is one of the many that exist to achieve this effect. However, its greatness in terms of interior design and style is another. In this beautiful home despite having an open plan they can be converted into private spaces in a simple and fast way. Thus each member of the family will have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

All the use of wood extends to the outside in the area of ​​the pool and furniture

interiors of houses design swimming pool patio red

Otherwise you can take refuge in a more reserved and more intimate room. The best part is that you do not lose the freshness of the rooms. In essence, this house is transformed. According to the opinion of its creators MF + Arquitetos was the best solution according to the climate of Franca in Sao Paulo. The MCNY House allows its inhabitants to experience an almost imperceptible transition.

The design of walls as folding doors allows a perfect ventilation

interiors of houses design doors exterior doors

Both for the people who enter inside and for those who go to the garden. As we see in the images, the exterior areas are mixed with the interior. What in terms of interior design houses and styles is a functional detail. In the MCNY House there are options for all tastes. At playground The creation of a pool is not overlooked.

The lighting gives a dramatic touch to the entire design and highlights some elements

dining room wood carpets warm rooms

Everyone who wants it can for a pleasant time under the rays of the sun and cool off. At the same time in the open spaces you can avoid excessive sun and enjoy the pure air. What makes this interaction possible is the shape of the walls. MF + Arquitetos solved this detail by creating walls of very thin wooden screens.

A large rug and the sofa define the space dedicated to the living room in this open plan

salon special lights focal cushions table

These walls can be folded around the house making this connection and connection to outdoor spaces. The entire interior of the house shares the wood finish. The contemporary style furniture is the perfect complement. They are low and comfortable seats that fit perfectly to the entire aesthetic of the MCNY House .

An interior garden completes the natural image of this beautiful space on one side of the house

warm interior special wood nature patio

The plants are the best complement for the rock walls that surround this area

walls concrete concepts furniture floors wood

The same natural effect is achieved in the bare structure of walls in the kitchen

natural rocks concepts spaces lamparas

The living room has a direct connection to the outside of the house and the garden

Open side furniture led ideas outside wide

Lights from the base of the doors highlight the material and structure with a beautiful effect

connection exterior chair wood recessed floor

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