Interiors of modern houses - 25 great ideas

living room interior garden views

Have you liked our previous articles on interior design? If so, today's post will love it; we bring a selection of fantastic designs interiors of modern houses , the latest in decoration styles. We speak of avant-garde spaces that give high priority to the human being and all his daily actions, we hope you enjoy a lot of the journey through the photographs.

Interior design of modern houses

modern exterior interior living room

Let's start by contemplating this minimalist style living room model. We really will not understand very well if it is an indoor or outdoor space thanks to the architectural structure and the design of the windows. In any case the room is covered but also ventilated, a very pleasant place for rest or leisure time.

Beautiful design with wooden elements

nice interior design of modern houses

Another fairly widespread style today is the natural chic with Scandinavian influence . As we can see, wood is a practically essential element in the interior design of modern houses, whatever the final look that it is intended to give, so that it is possible to achieve a very natural look in interior spaces thanks to this material .

Interior design by Forest House

super salon design link

The photograph above shows a dining room that shares some of the aforementioned characteristics. In addition to the repeated use of wood in floors, walls and furniture; this beautiful living room is also connected to other interior areas and to the outside. It is the house "Forest House" designed by Mc Clellan Architects.

Minimalist style lounge design

nice design salon minimalist style

Again in this design So futuristic the wood makes its appearance, in this case with a leading role that is noticed at first sight. The architecture in this case is what sets the pace and divides spaces in a very original way. A concrete road bridge extends along the roof and leads to the cube-shaped wooden module.

Modern living room with fireplace and views

modern fireplace logs firewood floor

Modern interior design

interior design of modern houses steep staircase

Minimalist interior with wooden ceiling

design minimalist style wood ceiling

Interior design of modern industrial style houses

interiors of modern industrial style houses

Design of modern living rooms

interiors of modern houses yellow furniture

Bathrooms of modern houses

interiors of modern houses bathroom bathtub

modern home interiors library furniture

interiors of modern houses red lamp

Interiors of modern houses minimalism style

interiors of modern houses corridor colors

modern house interiors living room furniture

modern houses interiors garden views

modern wood interior design

modern interiors wall paper trees

Modern interiors deco various colors

interior modern door wood sofa

living room kitchen gray wall

living room covered patio porch

salon modern style white black

original modern living room fireplace column

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