Jackets for women for this fall

jackets for women

The autumn as well as all the seasons of the year is characterized by certain colors that we introduce not only in our house, but also in our wardrobe and makeup . For this reason, in this article we will talk about one of the garments without which we can not leave at this time of year: jackets for women , and the colors and styles that will be worn more during the fall of 2016.

Jackets for women for autumn

jackets for women autumn

For the warmer days of autumn the cowboy jackets are a very good option to stay cool. We can combine them with jeans of the same color or lighter or darker and with a tank top of the color we want. We do not advise that the shirt be blue because it will melt with the cowboy color. It is better that you look for the contrast and the difference of colors.

Denim jacket for women for this fall

cowgirl womens jackets

Denim jackets can be of various styles. You can choose a classic women's jacket like the previous one, something shorter, or a more modern with original sleeves that fold. In reality, the sleeves of almost all denim jackets can be folded due to the buttons on their wrists.

Widest denim jacket for women for this fall

jackets for women autumn denim

Another option for the sleeves of women's jackets is to roll them up. You can choose a thinner jacket, if you have decided to roll the sleeves, because if the jacket is a thicker fabric the rolled will not be so good. On the other hand, you can choose a jacket with shorter sleeves and do the rolling.

A denim combination for women for autumn

autumn womens jackets

Finally, women's denim jackets can be combined with shorts of the same color. You can choose a longer or shorter jacket of finer fabric, roll the sleeves and combine it with a shirt of another color. You can also choose a jacket in which there are decorations of other colors and ornaments. In reality, denim jackets for women will never go out of style.

Brown jacket for women for this fall

brown jackets for woman

Among the women's jackets for this fall you can find a style like this. It is a zipperless and buttonless jacket that is slightly longer in the front. This brown jacket can be combined with dark jeans and brown shoes. So you will approach the Western cowboys style.

Elegance and style can also be worn in the fall

elegant womens jackets

On the other hand, in autumn we should not forget about style and elegance. There are elegant jackets for women in pastel shades, among which we have chosen the beige color. This color is very appropriate for autumn, because it is from the palette of colors of this season. It is also a light color that you can use in the contrasts of your clothes. You can combine it with dark colors like black or dark blue. If you want to combine it with the white color, it is better that you choose a beige color a little darker so as not to lose the contrast altogether.

A woven sweatshirt for this time of year for women

womens woven jackets

Another option for the fall for women are knitted sweatshirts without buttons. This type of sweatshirts have a rather irregular shape because in the front they are longer on the sides and the fabric is falling little by little. You can take them daily, because they are quite comfortable or if you want you can wear them when you go out for a drink. In this case, you can combine them with various accessories such as bracelets, watches or longer pendants.

Another variant of sweatshirt for this fall with fringes and with a button on the left side

jackets for women woven autumn

This type of clothing can also have fringes on one of the front sides and you can find it with a button on the other side on the shoulder. In this way, when you button the button, the fringe will be hanging in the front area. It is something comfortable for day to day and can be combined with some accessories such as watches or bracelets.

A vest of pink and gray colors for autumn for women

womens woven jackets colors

Lately, fashion jackets for women have changed their style quite a bit. Now we can find many sweatshirts and jackets in which the cheerful colors have been combined with the duller tones and can be decorated with geometric shapes such as rhombuses or triangles. This type of colors and motifs are closer to the oriental style.

Striped vest for autumn with another colored fabric stitched on the elbows

women's jackets knitted stripes

Something more common among women's jackets can be a sweatshirt or a striped vest without zip or buttons, generally these stripes are two colors, one light and one dark. The ornament we have here is located in the elbows part. It is about brown circles.

An elegant and original East fashion jacket for autumn

jackets for women pink

The oriental style you can find also in this photo. A jacket that combines the color black, used as a base, and the color pink with some white details.

The colorful and floral motifs in a womens jacket for autumn

jacket for woman

Shirts can also be worn as thin jackets

elegant jackets for women

An interesting women's jacket for the autumn with fringes on the front

jackets for women

A slightly more bold jacket for the beige autumn

women's jackets

This autumn we can enjoy the red color in leather jackets for women

fashion womens jackets

Women's leather jackets for this fall

leather jackets for women

A leather jacket with lint on the bottom and neck

leather jackets for women autumn

Women's windbreakers for your day to day during the fall

jackets for women

Something elegant to go out at night in autumn

elegant jackets for women autumn

The leather in the shape of a women's vest for the autumn

fashion womens autumn jackets

A women's coat for this checkered autumn

jackets for women autumn

The shades of autumn in a woman's vest

jacket for women autumn

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