Japanese garden design for outdoor spaces

japanese garden design zen design style

Would you like to create a Japanese garden design in your own home? In that case you can not miss this post as it is dedicated to gardens with oriental influence. First of all we must know that not all designs of oriental gardens have to be Zen style, but that each design can be designed for a specific function.

Japanese garden design with natural elements

path garden style zen stones

The Japanese gardens they usually coincide in the combination of natural elements following a certain order, however, some are made to walk and walk in them while many others were created for the sole purpose of meditation and to be contemplated from the outside, for this reason we will choose before the functions that our garden will have to perform before beginning with the decoration.

Zen gardens with asymmetric decoration

Japanese decoration zen style gardens

Once we have finalized this question we can begin to decorate our garden . An important detail that we must comply with is perhaps the placement of pieces or elements of an odd number. The point is to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and asymmetry, beauty is in the imbalance.

Small garden in oriental style

Japanese patio garden design

Oriental culture presents asymmetric forms everywhere, both in exterior designs as in the architectural forms of interiors. The origin of this custom comes from Buddhism and the Shinto religion that is closely linked with nature and instills the idea that in each element or object there is a concrete spirit.

Japanese garden design with stones

design garden stones zen style

Another essential feature of a Japanese garden design is that it must contain large stones and rocks, also in an odd number, while smaller pebbles can be used to completely cover surfaces creating real rivers of stones. The situation of the pieces and the furniture will also be uneven.

Japanese garden design with many plants

design garden japanese plants wall

We must forget our conception of "center of space" for the decoration of our oriental garden. We will place the elements in such a way that neither diminishes importance to the other, in this way our mind will remain constantly attentive, this purpose is called dynamic equilibrium.

Zen gardens with rocks and gravel

japanese garden design zen road

We will be careful not to overload the environment, remember that in Japanese culture less is more; that is, we will look for minimalism in our personal designs. We will also take into account the natural contrasts that are so essential for life; Harmony is opposed to energy and movement.

Japanese garden design in modern style

modern design japanese gardens zen

Hence the great importance of the water element, the running water in constant movement. Finally we will list several of the principles for oriental design styles and some of their essential characteristics. First, the Kanzo style is the most similar to the contemporary minimalist trend and tries to eliminate everything that is not essential for its use.

Oriental garden with decorative stones

modern design garden oriental stones

The model called Fukinesei is based on the aforementioned asymmetry or irregularity, and is that imperfection exists in life, we must take it into account. Next is the Shibumi style characterized by the beauty and simplicity of the forms, although literally this word means "bitter".

Zen gardens for walking and meditating

oriental style garden design zen

The most natural design model of all is the so-called Shizen, which seeks the elimination of all artificial and is created for the expectation, not for intervention. Finally there is the Yugen style, which is characterized by keeping certain elements hidden, beauty in this case is found in the mysterious and hidden.

Terrace decorated with natural elements

zen oriental style terrace design

We hope that this information can provide you with ideas for your own Japanese garden design, any space can be transformed into a place of rest and recreation for the senses, it is enough to find that perfect balance between the elements of the exterior, in this way we will also achieve the interior balance ideal.

Garden design in oriental style

pond stones water garden oriental

In a world that moves quickly and in lives that can be beyond stressful, having a place to relax, and even finding inspiration is more important than ever.

Koi pond for Japanese garden

pond style zen koi patio

While every attempt at this type of landscape will be slightly different depending on who is creating it, the theory behind the garden should be consistent.

Oriental gardens with natural elements

fountain lotus garden japanese platform

In a fast-moving world and in lives that can be more than stressful, having a place to relax, and even finding inspiration is more important than ever.

Stone fountain in zen style

stone fountain oriental style zen

There are very few people in the world who have really created a Japanese garden in its truest form. So that you can get as close as possible to the real thing, or at least get some inspiration based on this style, you must first understand the basics.

Gardens and courtyards with oriental influence

fountain stone classic sunbeds plants

The first type of Japanese garden you want to consider is a rock garden, which often includes the sand element. This form does not contain any water element, and is designed to portray a scene of mountains and rivers. The gravel of sand raked in a particular pattern is meant to symbolize the river, while the rocks placed in the sand symbolize the mountains.

oriental influence zen gardens design

The next type of Zen garden that can be created is known as a moss garden. The moss thrives in the naturally humid and rainy climate of Japan, but interestingly, the moss does not need much rain to bloom.

gardens zen fountain stone reed

This means that it can be easily incorporated into gardens in a variety of regions. The moss gardens establish a soft and balanced sensation that is used to comfort a charged mind and body.

Japanese gardens zen style

It is important to remember that while each of these gardens is a reflection of Japanese culture, your own Japanese Zen garden can be a hybrid of the elements of calm you need. If you decide on a rock, moss or even a pond garden, the purpose of the garden should be clear-Zen.

Japanese design gardens plants

If your goal is to create a true Japanese garden, first get some information to remain loyal to the culture of this creation. While it is tempting to go with cliche ideas of what the garden should be, many of these preconceptions tend to come from Chinese culture. Additions such as red hanging flowers and bridges covering small streams are all really derived from Chinese traditions and often confused with those of Japanese origin.

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Japanese garden

Japanese garden

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