Japanese garden: ideas to create a quiet space at home

Japanese garden floor stones path wood ideas

The gardens japanese Traditional are designed for quiet contemplation of the space that surrounds you. They rely heavily on Buddhist beliefs, Shintoism and Taoist philosophies and strive to provide a refuge spiritual for visitors. Today we show you ideas to create your own Japanese garden at home.

Japanese garden in minimalist style

japanese garden minimalist style wooden fence

The main focus of an oriental garden is nature. The elements of a Japanese-style garden mimic or symbolize natural elements. In this way, geometric shapes and artificial stones are not common in the design of the Asian landscape. To create a space like this you must look for harmony in the natural elements.

Japanese garden with beautiful fountain surrounded by tiles

baldos fountain beautiful water garden style zen ideas

There are four essential elements that are used in the design of the Japanese garden: rocks, water, plants and ornaments. When selecting and organizing these elements in your space, it is important to take into account the design principles of a Japanese garden, which include asymmetry, balance and symbolism. These principles will work together to create the right balance in your garden with Japanese style.

Large garden with grass in the Japanese style

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Japanese gardens are created to be spaces for meditation and reflection. What began as a space made for the ruling elite of Japan to find calm within the storm of the struggle and war of his country, has been transformed over time has become a way of life and a culture of deep roots.

Zen garden in the Japanese modern house

modern house garden japanese style minimalist broad ideas

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why the idea of ​​a Japanese garden would be very beneficial for anyone with a hasty and dynamic day to day life. In a world that moves quickly and in life that can be more than stressful, having a place to relax, and even find inspiration is more important than ever.

Lawn, trees and large stones in the Zen-style garden

grass stones trees tranquility garden zen ideas

However, if you want to create a Zen garden following the methods and techniques of feng shui it is better that you look at our articles that are related to the subject before. You have to keep in mind that these forms of decoration have principles that you will have to follow. Besides, speaking of feng shui you will also have to know better its elements and the way they influence our mood.

Large garden with large space in the Zen style

stones big sand style zen stones ideas

You also have to bear in mind that the techniques of these decorations will be better if it is the decoration of larger gardens. In this way you can use a greater number of elements and colors. To introduce the colors of feng shui in your Japanese garden you can use the plants and flowers.

Pond and concrete bench in the Zen-style garden

pond lawn garden zen calm ideas

On the other hand, one of the elements that you can incorporate in the decoration of the gardens is water. This is one of the five elements of the Zen culture. Water is related to the energy and the movement of it. Therefore, if you want to fill your house with energy you will have to bet on running water. However, this water may come out of a fountain and its fall may end up in a small pond.

Large pond and wooden bridge in the Zen-style garden

pond large stones garden zen japanese style ideas

On the other hand, if your garden is bigger you can take advantage of it to make a big pond. In this way you will have the element of water present in your home. However, ponds that are larger will allow you to also introduce stones and rocks. This is another of the feng shui elements and you can combine it with wood. Instead, you can add it to the landscape of your Japanese garden by placing a wooden bridge.

Path of large slabs in the garden in the Zen style

zen style japanese stones plants pequeno ideas

Keep in mind that when you want to make a Zen decoration in your garden you have to bet on the balance. To be able to have it in your house you will have to use the elements so that they are balanced. On the other hand, if you have noticed that a specific energy reigns in your house, you can balance it with the elements.

Decorative fountain in the garden in the zen style

fountain water surrounded stones garden zen ideas

Also in your Japanese garden you can make a combination of the elements. For that you can use a stone fountain. In this way you will be combining water and stone. You can place it in a part of your garden where there are many plants and flowers.

Gravel and tiles in the garden in Zen style

ideas for making your own modern zen garden

On the other hand, you can also use sand and gravel to make shapes with them on the outside. The forms that are created most in these gardens are those that make the shape of number eight. This is also the form of infinity and represents the continuous movement of energy in the universe. In this way the energy never stops and other stones are placed inside the circles. These stones are related to the center from which the energy comes out.

garden japanese style plants water wood

On the other hand, using these techniques you can also add modernity and elegance in the garden. For that you can use some booths where you can place some designer furniture. In this way you will increase the style of your exterior.

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Japanese garden pond surrounded stones ideas

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