Karl Lagerfeld the famous fashion designer died at the age of 85

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This Tuesday, February 19, we learned of the death of one of the best fashion designers, Karl Lagerfeld. We honor it with this article. Back in his career and his exceptional talent!

Karl Lagerfeld, an extraordinary talent.

Karl Lagerfeld's fashion creations have marked our era. The famous designer, who has become a true icon of the fashion He worked in some of the biggest haute couture fashion houses before creating his own brand. He has collaborated extensively with brands such as Chanel , Tommy Hilfiger and Fendi. He has also worked in other artistic fields, such as photography and film.


Who was Karl Lagerfeld? And what is the story behind his creative genius?

The origins of Karl Lagerfeld

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One of the most famous fashion designers of our time was born in the city of Hamburg, Germany, in 1933. During his life, Karl Otto Lagerfeld declined to disclose the exact date of his birthday. According to several sources of information, the fashion icon, which also worked with Chanel, was born on September 10.

As a child, Karl had two sisters, Marta and Thea. Everything seems to indicate that he grew up in a wealthy family. His father, Christian, worked in the powder milk import business in Germany and made a fortune there. Lagerfeld's mother, Elizabeth Bahlman, loved music. She played the violin. His maternal grandfather, Karl, was famous in local politics.

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Born in Germany in the early twentieth century, the future great fashion designer also met, during his childhood, the Nazi regime. At that time, Lagerfeld's family had settled in a rural area in northern Germany. As Lagerfeld's most recent testimony indicates, he was completely isolated from any information about the Nazi regime.

Since childhood, the future icon of fashion has shown interest in the world of design and fashion. Still a child, he used to cut out images from different magazines. Later, back to his hometown of Hamburg, he took the opportunity to completely immerse himself in the world of haute couture.


The beginnings of his career


Impressed by the world of fashion, young Karl Lagerfeld, who was only 14 years old, made the decision to leave for the city of Paris. It is here where he finished high school at the Montaigne high school in the capital. He chose painting and history as his areas of interest.

It is here again in the fashion capital of the world that he really began his career. After only two years, in 1955, the young Karl Lagerfeld decided to participate in a contest by sending sketches and samples of fabrics. His success was immediate. He won the first prize in the contest. On the same occasion, he had the opportunity to meet other participants who won prizes in the same competition. Among them, was Yves Saint-Laurent.

The 1950s


Very quickly, Karl Lagerfeld started working for fashion designer Pierre Balmain. In particular, he held the positions of assistant and apprentice. This work was demanding, but that did not stop the aspiring fashion designer from staying there for some years. He also worked for some fashion houses before embarking on his own projects in 1961.

Meanwhile, he gained more experience in the field of haute couture. For example, in 1958, 3 years after starting in Balmain, he chose to continue his career in Jean Patou. In particular, he has developed a haute couture collection every year for five years.

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His first collection was shown during a 2-hour presentation in July 1958. For this event, the great fashion designer chose the name of Roland Karl and not Karl Lagerfeld.

Very quickly, he began to establish himself and received proposals for collaboration with the main fashion houses. It is from this period that they date their first collaborations with the Chloé and Fendi brands.

The 1960s


Little by little, Lagerfeld's name began to dominate the fashion industry. He was particularly associated with his innovative style and current silhouettes. Thus, in her collection Spring Summer 1960, she launched skirts that seemed the shortest of all the collections of shows in the capital. The same year, Lagerfeld presented another collection. For this one, he imagined a series of small hats. A few years later, in 1963 he began to collaborate with the Tiziani brand. It is a fashion and sewing house that was established by Evan Richards in the state of Texas, USA. UU The first collection of the label was made through a collaboration between the fashion icon and the owner of the brand, Richards.


This collaboration, which focused mainly on haute couture, was subsequently developed. It has evolved notably towards ready-to-use collections with the Tiziani Roma Made in England label. Among the fans of this brand was the great actress Elizabeth Taylor. During Lagerfeld's years of work for this label, Tiziani Roma Made in England customers also included Gina Lollobrigida, Doris Duke and Princess Marcella Borghese. The great fashion designer of German origin worked for this brand for several years. He was then replaced by Guy Douvier in 1969.

While working with Richards, Lagerfeld also began to collaborate with other leading brands in the world of fashion. Thus, in 1964 he made costumes for the Chloe house. At first, I only offered some clothes every season.


During 1970, he also started a collaboration with the couture house Curiel. His close relationship with the Italian fashion house Fendi also dates back to the 1970s. In fact, it was in 1972 that Lagerfeld began to create accessories and costumes for this brand.

During this decade, again, he has also distinguished himself as the creator of costumes and models for theater. Always fascinated by the world of fashion, at that time, the fashion icon had also signed a contract with the Japanese label Isetan. As part of this contract, he has been forced to create women's and men's fashion collections for thirty different brands and licenses.


At the same time, she also developed a lingerie collection in the United States. It came from a collaboration with Eve Stillman. In addition, he made shoe collections for Charles Jourdan. A prolific fashion designer, Lagerfeld also launched bridges for the Ballntyne label. He did not hesitate to collaborate with Trevira in the position of fashion consultant.

Things may be less known, the famous fashion designer has always had a great appreciation for the history of the outfits. That's why he was often inspired by flea markets and handmade models. We know that he found old dresses that he loved to buy to deconstruct them and transform them in his own way.

Celebrity and success


In the 1980s, Karl Lagerfeld was one of the most important names in the world of fashion. In addition to becoming a famous fashion designer, he was also one of the most beloved people in the press. One of the explanations for this is his unique personality and his taste for fashion. At the press, at that time, he liked to follow all his clothing choices but also his social life. Among the fashion designer's friends during the 1980s, there were several stars of the fashion world, but also characters from the artistic world and music. We can tell the famous artist and friend very close to Lagerfeld Andy Warhol.

During his long career, the famous fashion designer has demonstrated his extraordinary talent. He has also become famous for his ability to easily adapt and move easily from one project to another. During his career, he has not only worked on many different projects. He has worked for several fashion houses known throughout the world.

During his work for the French brand Chanel, in the early 1980s, he achieved something that was later considered a feat. He managed to make sure that the French fashion house recovers its fame as it has existed in previous decades. For this, he completely transformed the clothing collections of the Chanel firm. In addition, he focused on tailoring to bring immediate success to the brand.


At the same time, the fashion designer also launched his own label. In 1984, the Karl Lagerfeld label was introduced. The concept behind this was above all what the fashion designer used to call "a sexy intellectual appearance".


During its existence, the brand that bears the name of the fashion designer, won thanks to its high quality costumes. Some of the brand's most recognizable outfits include cardigan jackets with a bold silhouette and brightly colored textiles. In the early 2000s, in 2005, very precisely, the label was sold to Tommy Hilfiger.

The 2000s


Despite his advanced age, the fashion designer continued to participate in several creative projects during the 2000s.

In 2002, the fashion icon approached Renzo Rosso. The latter is the founder of the Diesel brand. Lagerfeld and Rosso decided to collaborate on a collection of special denim outfits for the label of the Lagerfeld Gallery. The equipment was part of a collection called Lagerfeld Gallery by Diesel, created by Lagerfeld and the creative team of the Diesel brand under the supervision of Rosso. The collection consisted of five pieces.

It was presented during the fashion week in Paris. The pieces were sold as a limited edition during the edition of the Lagerfeld Gallery in Paris and Monaco. Teams were also available during the Diesel Denim shows in New York and Tokyo. During the first week of sales in New York, more than 90% of the collection trousers were sold at prices that ranged between $ 240 and $ 1840.


When he began working for the world of theater in the late twentieth century, Karl Lagerfeld continued to create costumes for plays and special artistic performances. Thus, she designed costumes for Carmen's scenes from the Callas Forever movie of 2002. Similarly, in 2004, she directed part of the costumes for the Madonna Re Invention tour. More recently, she has also collaborated with Australian singer Kylie Minogue on her showgirl tour.

This decade of the 2000s, was also a period of collaboration with the H & M label. In 2004, he presented his clients with a limited collection of Lagerfeld outfits for men and women in some of his stores.


In recent years, Karl Lagerfeld has embarked on other artistic fields, such as photography and film. In the field of photography, he worked on the album Visionnaire 23: Tea Emperor's New Clothes. The name of the series of photos is inspired by the history of the same name. She presents a collection of photos of fashion models and naked celebrities.

Over the years, Lagerfeld has also distinguished himself as a photographer. He agreed to personally photograph close friends. For example, he photographed the American singer Mariah Carey for the cover of the magazine V.


He has also been responsible for publishing a series of fashion magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and the Russian and German editions of Vogue magazine. In addition, he directed advertising campaigns for the fashion houses for which he was responsible. In this context, he carried out the campaigns of Chanel, Fendi and his label Lagerfeld.


In 2011, he created a series of glassware for the Swedish company Orrefors. That same year, he also signed a contract for a new clothing line. The contract was part of a collaboration with Macy's. In 2015, he also witnessed the expansion of his brand. This year was marked by the launch of a new Karl Lagerfeld store in the city of Doha, Qatar.

The last years of the great fashion designer

In recent years, Karl Lagerfeld has begun to slow down its work rate. At the age of more than 80 years, he reduced the number of his current projects and appearances in public. At the beginning of 2019, he decided not to attend the closing of one of his fashion shows for the Chanel brand. A few days later, on February 19, 2019, the death of the famous fashion designer was announced. He died at age 85 in Paris.

That same day, his creative team and many personalities from the world of fashion and the arts paid tribute to him.


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