Kids rooms and ideas for attractive decoration

kids rooms white design ideas

Today we have for all of you children rooms and ideas to create a personal space for the little ones to be happy. The bedroom Childhood is the perfect refuge for all children. A space in which in addition to sleep they feel safe and can play with confidence.

Kids rooms and ideas for original furniture

contemporary design floating bed ideas

Therefore, the choice of the design of the rooms of the children It must be very well calculated by the parents who must think in the smallest detail.

Children's rooms and ideas for decoration and furniture

rooms kids blue white ideas

They should also think about the safety of the children before choosing the products that should be of the best quality and capable of satisfying the needs of the most important person in the house.

Bedroom ideas for boys

rooms kids white bed ideas

You should look for furniture and details of certified and resistant materials, suitable for children. As you well know, these furniture should be bright and bright colors so that the bedroom is a happy and appropriate place for children.

Floating bed with LED lighting in the children's bedroom

children's bedrooms floating bed ideas

On our page we offer many items with ideas and rooms for children or teenagers to inspire you when making the choice of the perfect colors and materials suitable for this important room.

Wooden bed and pink walls in the bedroom of the girl

rooms children bed wood original ideas

If you are designing dorms for girls, you will usually play with very feminine neutral colors and a decoration with hearts and flowers, whereas children's bedrooms often have a more essential design.

Very nice decorative details ideas

kids rooms perfect wall decoration ideas

Children will certainly be at ease surrounded by cool colors such as navy blue or emerald green, but you can also add bright shades such as lemon yellow or warm orange.

Very original bed with wheels

rooms kids design attractive ideas

Our advice is not to overdo the bright colors, it is better to opt for walls of neutral colors or pastel shades, in order to later complement the design, with quilt covers with prints of comic book heroes, story princesses or geometric motifs like dots and stripes.

Bed design inspired by a tent

rooms kids design colors lovely ideas

It can enliven the atmosphere of the children's bedroom. You should also think about decorating the walls. The stickers or murals for the wall are very suitable and the children will like them.

Bedroom for girls with simple design

children's rooms contemporary design ideas

One great thing you can do for the design of children's rooms is to let your child also decide what he wants and how he wants it.

Ideas for very spacious bedrooms

children rooms spacious spaces colorful ideas

Your child can help you decide which toys to place on the low shelves, or how to position the furniture to create a cozy reading area and where to hang the pictures so your child can actually see them.

Ideas for furniture and decorations for shared bedrooms

rooms children shared spaces ideas

As we have already said it is important to choose the materials and finishes used in the children's bedroom, especially if you are remodeling or buying new furniture not only for your room but for the whole house.

Bedroom for girl in black and pink

rooms children spaces pink black ideas

Natural fibers, regenerated and untreated woods, paints without volatile organic compounds and plants that clean the air are excellent options.

Ideas of furniture and shelves very original for the bedroom of the child

children's rooms original shelves wall ideas

Another tip that we have is that you opt for a minimalist design and do not be afraid of getting rid of a remarkable number of toys and materials that are no longer used and do not take place in your child's room.

Bedside table and very fun lamp for the children's bedroom

rooms kids bedside table lamp ideas

If your toddler does not want to leave old toys, try to clean up the mess in the room on your own. You will be surprised how the lack of many things helps your child focus well on homework.

Bed and desk in one perfect for small bedrooms

kids rooms fantastic furniture ideas

Once you have removed old, unwanted and damaged toys, you may have more space in which you can comfortably put shelves. Children are naturally creative and expressive.

Natural wood furniture in the children's bedroom

rooms children furniture natural wood ideas

Of course, sometimes they show their impulses, drawing on walls, breaking things and generally causing problems. To prevent this from happening, you can create a space where your child can express himself.

Ideas to decorate the wall of the children's bedroom

children's room wall decorated ideas

You can paint a whole wall or door with slate paint. You can also install gym mats in a corner for the child to jump and play.

Very elegant bed in the girl's bedroom

rooms kids wall pink ideas

To decorate the room you can also use small stars that glow in the dark, or with an original clock with extravagant shape.

Blackboard on the child's bedroom wall

rooms children blackboard games ideas

Even curtains can add a touch of vitality to children's bedroom, with vivid colors and optical patterns. But remember that you must choose a resistant and easy to wash fabric, such as cotton. In the children's rooms you can not miss some basic accessories necessary for both the little ones and the older children.

A design with very elegant neutral colors

Children's rooms theme neutral colors ideas

First, it is essential to choose the right bed and mattress resistant. Also soft and easy to wash bedding. A few bedside tables in simple colors, which will be an excellent support surface for everything your little one needs during the night.

Very original open shelves on the wall of the children's bedroom

modern design furniture kids room ideas

Colorful lamps for those who are afraid of the dark. A large wardrobe and a desk are other necessary elements in the furniture of the children's rooms.

Ideas of luxury decorations for the children's bedroom

children's room elements decoration ideas

Now we leave you with these photos of children or girls rooms with very original designs to inspire you to create a functional space.

Very nice wooden furniture children's bedroom

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