Kitchen countertops - the latest in smart furniture

vitro countertop invisible future gray

Today we present twenty-five types of countertops from cooking, from the most futuristic and innovative to the cheapest and simplest to elaborate manually, you can not miss our collection of images. Generally hard-wearing surfaces are sought in some kitchen furniture such as islands or bar furniture.

Kitchen countertops with screen

futuristic kitchen countertop display

In addition today many users are also looking for kitchen countertops that meet different functions, in addition to serving as a surface for cutting and chopping food, they can also store utensils, including appliances such as vitroceramic cookers or even have a digital touch screen with Internet connection .

Smart countertop with touch screen

digital display countertop kitchen samsung

Via: UberGizmo

This is the case of the kitchen island with integrated technology countertop Samsung Galaxy Tab , a true luxury. It is a functional and intelligent piece of furniture created to facilitate daily life although with a modern and minimalist design in which the signature Exterientia also had its contribution.

Countertop covered with coins

centime coins collection mosaic countertop

In contrast to this design so futuristic and digitized, an original model of great craftsmanship for kitchen countertops but also for other furniture and surfaces. As we can see, we can give them a practical use to the old coins or to that pile of cents that we have at home saved waiting for an occasion like this to arrive.

Furniture bar surface design

kitchen countertop round doodles

In this case, a Island of cooking with integrated washbasin from an old wooden furniture. Before proceeding to place the coins have taken the measures of the sink to cut the hole in which it will be placed. Then the furniture has been sanded to apply the paint on top.

Glass kitchen countertops

countertops islands kitchen glass

Then the special colorless metal glue has been applied to place the rows of coins on top, beginning one by one, being very careful not to twist them. For the final finishing we will need a material that is resistant but at the same time transparent. For this there are different types of liquid silicones, glass or synthetic fibers.

Kitchen island design with bar

white kitchen decorated vinyl plants

Kitchen island design with lights

kitchen island lights inside

Kitchen island with integrated LED lights

island kitchen led lights integrated

Kitchen island with wood laminate

kitchen island all wood

Safe convertible on table with wheels

furniture safe metal wheels

white wood kitchen countertop white

collage kitchen white wood countertop

diy countertop buttons computer keyboard

countertops thick solid wood trunk

collage three fotop kitchen countertops

white stairs furniture orange

super laminate wood woman counter top

kitchen gray color collage

white kitchen island futuristic design

kitchen island functional drawers

kitchen island expandable countertops

kitchen countertop marble projector

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