Kitchen curtains and blinds to enrich the design

elegant kitchen curtains floor ceiling ideas

Today we have for all of you some very original ideas of kitchen curtains and blinds to be inspired. Sometimes after all you have done for the design of the kitchen is not the color of the walls of the cabinets or the countertops that make the kitchen an attractive place.

Neutral color kitchen curtains to match the design of the room

kitchen dining options original style modern ideas

Sometimes they are the kitchen curtains. Today we tell you this little secret about the design of the kitchen and we show you different inspiring options because a curtain may be what you need. As you can see the curtain and the shade that you put in the kitchen window is very important.

Neutral color kitchen curtains since the furniture stand out a lot

kitchen curtains yellow furniture ideas

We know that it may seem that the choice of this detail is the easiest in the room, and one often overlooks it, however, if you choose a design that fits the space it can make a big difference in the kitchen. But it will also be noticed by all the people who will see your window from the outside.

A choice of perfect curtains for fresh and airy kitchens

kitchen curtains light blue options ideas

Like any other element in the design of the kitchen, the curtain or shade of the window is important, because of this we must consider its shape, its function, the contrast, the color and the pattern or texture.

Kitchen curtains and original blinds in the modern and elegant small kitchen

kitchen curtains white color romantic design modern ideas

One of the questions we must ask ourselves is: What curtain do I need long or short? Voluminous or thin? Soft and well made or of a thick and perfectly adapted material? Formal or informal?

Kitchen with contemporary design and white curtains from ceiling to floor

light white kitchen curtains design ideas

Although they have not thought about it, these questions are important, since the curtain is like a jewel for the kitchen, at least in a certain sense. After asking us these questions we have to think about the functions that our curtain must fulfill which is also important.

A very spacious residence with high ceilings, kitchen and dining room in the same space and floor-to-ceiling curtains

kitchen curtains design traditional style big island ideas

We have to consider the fabric of our curtain depending on the sunlight that receives this space. If you have a very dark kitchen you will think that you can opt for a transparent curtain but you should also think if your window is exposed to the gazes of neighbors and if you want to have privacy.

Provencal kitchen with small window and very nice curtains

kitchen curtains interior design provencale ideas

Fabrics with heat stamps are very functional to decorate the kitchen window. They let the sun in but they protect from unwanted looks.

White kitchen curtains with simple design for a cozy space

french style kitchen curtains interior options ideas

One piece of advice we can give you is to play with the contrast. The curtain can be a unique piece that breaks in the best way with the design of the kitchen. The game with the contrast adds visual weight.

Kitchen and dining room in one with large window and yellow curtains with geometric patterns

kitchen curtains blinds design yellow color ideas

The only thing we have to think about is if we want the curtain to create visual interest, emotion or serenity and as it is among all the other elements that we have in the kitchen .

Classic functional kitchen curtains a perfect example of very nice vintage style details

kitchen curtains blinds design elegant color ideas

Speaking of design and visual interest, color can be the key. We must choose carefully our curtain so that it is the perfect connecting piece that connects all the elements of the kitchen turning it into a visually unified environment.

Beautiful red curtains to stand out in the modern and elegant kitchen

kitchen curtains blinds design red color ideas

When choosing the color we must also think about the feeling we would like to convey. Bold, cheerful, monochromatic, complementary, not too daring, not too soft.

Kitchen with traditional furniture and white cabinets whose design highlights the green curtains

curtains decorating blinds design color green attractive ideas

Always in search of the balance of color within the space. Let's not forget that light colors are opposed to dark colors. Consider all your furniture and details including accessories.

Ideas of kitchens with very original vintage design blinds

curtains decorating blinds contemporary design ideas

Another important thing to think about is whether we want the color of the curtain to be combined with the color theme, that is, as a bold statement, or a more serene element with its own individuality.

An idea for kitchen with timeless design wooden countertops and white furniture


The color that may not match, simply combine. You can choose a range of colors that are a little apart from each other.

A curtain that can add another layer of softness to a utilitarian space

curtains decorating blinds elegant design long ideas

When choosing the model and texture of your curtain, consider your floor, your dashboard, your accessories, your furniture. This if you want to go for a quiet and serene design. If serenity is the goal you should choose a very smooth texture.

A curtain that will offer you a unique opportunity to make a stylistic statement

curtains decorating blinds design small spaces ideas

There is no secret that interior designers or other professionals know about the best design curtains on how to dress their windows better. Simply your curtain must fit the aesthetics of the room.

If you do not want to invest in a luxurious design here you have a lovely curtain perfect for this context

curtains kitchen blinds design prints coffee ideas

The key considerations that should not be forgotten are color, pattern and texture. Getting these three elements in the right proportion will make your curtain fit perfectly in your space.

Example of a design beautiful blinds for the kitchen window

curtains kitchen blinds original stamped design ideas

If you have a classic or traditional kitchen you should look for curtains defined by enough details. Historically, the amount of cloth used for the curtains was indicative of wealth.

Curtains with floral print in the middle of the kitchen window

kitchen curtains blinds design prints flowers ideas

In today's world, traditional curtains become an important design element in a room. Consider the best way to fit the curtain into the overall design scheme make sure it does not make the space feel overloaded.

Elegant kitchen picture with white-toned wood furniture, very light beige walls and curtains with floral prints

kitchen curtains blinds design style house ideas

Your curtain can play multiple functions. The curtain can control the light or be more like a decorative element. As you can see in these photos, traditional does not always mean incredibly decorated.

What a delight it would be to have breakfast in this kitchen every morning

curtains kitchen blinds design classic style ideas

Instead contemporary curtains focus on the simplicity of the structure or pattern of the fabric used, but rarely both in the same curtain.

Cornice above the window and a curtain with very original design

kitchen curtains blinds design Provencal style ideas

While the pattern and texture play an important role, the architectural nature of the vertical lines of the curtain helps to create a contemporary living space, highlighting the height of the room.

The perfect solution for a kitchen window is a beautiful curtain like this

kitchen curtains blinds design large flowers prints ideas

In a contemporary space, you should minimize the complexity of the curtains and focus primarily on the structure and clean the lines. Pure vertical movement and softness create a modern environment.

A kitchen blind that differs from the color of furniture to create visual interest


Somewhere between the simplicity of the contemporary curtains and the details of the traditional ones is the modern style. These curtains are perfect examples of how to dress your windows. These are kitchen curtains that have few details while incorporating more color than a contemporary curtain.

A place of meals near the sale with two curtains that let in the light and add character in the kitchen

kitchen curtains blinds design furniture blue ideas

You can also choose a design with a pattern that makes a big impact. Everything depends on your taste and what adapts most to your design. Now we leave you to review our kitchen curtains options again and be inspired.

A kitchen with white furniture and a modern decorative element in the window

kitchen curtains blinds design furniture white ideas

Traditional kitchen with wooden furniture two curtains on the window and a white blind

curtains kitchen blinds design furniture wood ideas

An arched window in the kitchen with a lovely blind

kitchen curtains blinds design modern patterns ideas

Example of kitchen curtains with atempomporal design

kitchen curtains blinds design red white ideas

Transparent white curtains perfect for kitchens with classic flair

linen cotton kitchen linen white color ideas

Kitchen with furniture and curtains in light blue and white

kitchen curtains furniture blue curtains ideas

A kitchen with relatively simple design with lovely decorative curtains

curtains kitchen options blinds design ideas

An apartment with open plan design by Standard Studio + CASA architecten

standard kitchen curtains studio house architecten ideas

Example of kitchen with very nice traditional design

transparent kitchen curtains stamps options design ideas

Long floor-to-ceiling curtains in this very modern small apartment

curtains up floor kitchen design ideas

A very colorful beautiful curtain by Zimmer Rohde

curtains options stamped modern zimmer rohde ideas

This classic kitchen with vintage furniture has curtains that fit perfectly

estuaries kitchen furniture white options ideas

Ideas of curtains with prints that can go up or down when you need it


You can always lower or raise the blinds so they do not block the sunlight, they also provide a great decorative touch to the room

blinds kitchen modern design options style ideas

Kitchen with island white cabinets and very nice picture blinds

kitchen blinds stamps original options design ideas

A kitchen that beautifully blended a modern design with contemporary details

blinds kitchen options contemporary style ideas

For an elegant kitchen a very original curtain like this

Blinds kitchen original color clear style ideas

Inspiration for a kitchen with classic design of matching curtains and cushions

blinds fabric kitchen design interior options ideas

Curtain with elegant print of Fracas Arredamenti

curtains fracas arredamenti modern design ideas

Curtain for any room of the house of Jean Paul Gaultier for Leliévere

kitchen curtains blinds design jean paul gaultier ideas







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