Kitchen decoration with copper on the dashboard

kitchen decoration

In the kitchen as in the rest of the house the decoration of the walls can be done in a very original and elegant using the necessary materials. In this article we are going to talk about the kitchen decoration with copper which is usually used for the area of ​​the dashboard, but you can use it to decorate all the walls if you want.

Kitchen decoration with copper

copper kitchen decoration

Very often we see a kitchen decoration in which the black color predominates because the furniture that has been placed is of this color. However, to introduce some type of contrast in the decoration for the kitchen you can use the copper color. This color is very good in the area of ​​the dashboard and you can also find different decorative varieties.

A copper decoration for the dashboard

kitchen decoration dashboard

On the one hand, among the ideas for decorating a kitchen with copper you can find irregular textures of sheets for the dashboard. These textures are very good in the interior because they introduce an original and modern touch. On the other hand, do not forget that the color of copper is very specific and you have to be very careful when you combine it with the other colors.

Copper plates of the brick type for the decoration of the kitchen dashboard

kitchen decoration copper dashboard

If you do not know how to decorate a kitchen with copper you can also bet on some plates that look a lot like flat stones or bricks but their shape is square and they also combine different sizes to decorate the interior. In the kitchen decoration you can put these plates in the center of the dashboard and in the part above and in the one below you can combine the copper with some bricks or with other different materials. It is important in this case that the two textures differ clearly but the contrast between them does not have to be too big because the combination will not be very appropriate.

Decorative bricks with a copper surface for the kitchen

copper bricks kitchen decoration

On the other hand, for decoration in the kitchen you can also use decorative bricks with a copper surface. These bricks also look great on the dashboard and if there is a black piece of furniture near them they will create a great contrast. On the other hand, if the furniture is made of wood, you do not have to worry about the lack of that contrast, since copper reflects the light inside and shines. In this way it clearly differentiates and highlights enough to be seen.

A copper dashboard for decorating your kitchen

kitchen decoration walls

However, for the decoration for kitchens with copper you can also bet on the sheets for the wall with figures. You can choose geometric figures such as rhombuses or squares or you can choose floral figures. It must be taken into account that in the kitchen decoration the color of copper can also be combined with the colors of the countertop as it is one of the things that is closest to the dashboard.

A copper mosaic to decorate the wall of the kitchen dashboard

kitchen wall decoration

The mosaics are also a good option to decorate kitchen. In the part of the dashboard they are very well and also reflect even more light than bricks and tiles. Another idea that you can take advantage of is to create a copper mosaic with different shades of this color. In this way the light will be reflected more in some pieces of the mosaic.

Some walls decorated with small copper tiles

kitchen wall decoration dashboard

In the photo above you can see the kitchen decoration and its dashboard covered by copper-colored tiles. The tiles usually introduce a more classical look into the interior and look great in traditional style kitchens.

A dashboard decorated with a copper foil

kitchen decoration copper wall

Combining the copper decoration of the dashboard with copper lamps

kitchen decoration copper walls

A small copper mosaic for the decoration of the dashboard

kitchen decoration copper wall dashboard

A wall decorated with copper with relief for the kitchen

kitchen wall decoration copper dashboard

A salpisadero with copper floral motifs for the kitchen

kitchen decoration

A very modern kitchens decorated with copper

kitchen decoration 1

The different shades of copper for the decoration of the kitchen

decorate kitchen

The golden hue of copper for the dashboard of your kitchen

decoration in the kitchen

A very modern and elegant kitchen with a dashboard decorated with copper

decoration for the kitchen

A copper with relief for the decoration of the walls of your kitchen

decoration for kitchens

Copper decoration for the kitchen and the dashboard

ideas to decorate a kitchen

A dark colored copper for the decoration of the kitchen dashboard

how to decorate a kitchen

An irregular texture for the decoration of a copper dashboard

kitchen decor dashboard

Copper tiles for decorating the walls of your kitchen

decorate copper kitchen

Copper tiles placed all over the kitchen dashboard

decoration on the kitchen dashboard

Copper-colored tiles that combine different tonalities of this to decorate the walls

decoration for copper kitchen

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