Kitchen design and the modern that you can not miss at home.

kitchen design white bar stools

On the kitchen design and modernity we will speak today, trends such as the minimalist take over this space that is no longer just to prepare food. Let's see today what features distinguish modern kitchens. An important element in this trend is the design of the shelves. They come equipped with a Push system to open and close. It is a comfortable variant for closing and prevents even accidents in this area. Another positive aspect is that you tend to touch surfaces less and this makes them prevail clean longer.

Kitchen design with LED lights

kitchen modern wide design stools

Avoiding stains and corrosion with substances. Although if we talk about kitchen design and modernity the lacquers are in each space. Just a damp cloth will suffice to remove fingerprints, for example. You will not notice the affectation and everything will be shiny again, we could say that new. The variety of tones in kitchen design and modernity leans towards the bright or imitations of wood or crystal Combinations of two colors can be seen even in household appliances.

Kitchen design with large capacity furniture

kitchen design blaco furniture stools

Modern kitchens come with something interesting, expanding storage space. Various models of cupboards, drawers or cabinets are common, always with the intention of making the most of them. This detail is adjusted to the conditions of the architecture today. The bet is on developing more space for the kitchen area. This has made modern kitchens an area to socialize and share with family and friends.

Scheme with polished surfaces

kitchen design white polished shine

The structure has also changed a bit. In many cases a central worktop is integrated, which is the one that has several pieces of furniture and around it the whole set is developed. It creates a space that is above all spacious and comfortable. As for materials such as we mentioned, melanin is present. High density boards and vinyl coatings. I leave you several examples in our gallery today with solutions of high gloss lacquer also.

Wall decorated with rocks

kitchen design island brown rocks wall

Dark island with metal stools

kitchen design led walls stools

Surfaces and countertops easy to handle

kitchen design luxury shine countertops

Wood as a leading material

kitchen modern design stools concrete

Walls decorated with texture

kitchen design gray decorated walls

Contact closure shelves

kitchen design bench black close

Island with marble coating

kitchen design chairs black plants

Modern two-color kitchen

bella bicolor white kitchen lamp

white cool environment chairs

elmar modern creative white fruits

countertop bottles italian marble decoration

white style decorated fruits shelf

style shine floor shelves surfaces

flowers chairs metal transparent green

Italian modern design led single

led creation modern carpet glass

modern wood cabinets wide stairs

dark wood chair brown design

modern large contemporary wood kitchen

modern led shelves plants countertops

orange cabinets modern dark design

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