Kitchen design - the essentials to make them functional.

elegant wood functional kitchen design

The design of kitchens has always been in the hands of specialists from the same process of planning the house. Today we are going to share some ideas so that you can also define what your kitchen should be like if you plan a remodeling plan for this space. Always starting from the principle that it should be cozy, but above all functional.

Kitchen design, cozy and warm atmosphere

kitchen design green fruits wood

Other aspects should be prioritized, such as the aesthetic that is always welcome in every corner of the house. The first step in the design of kitchens is about the use that will be made of this space. In addition to its greater or lesser prominence. The capacity of ventilation or if we want to use it also as a meeting space. In general it is to consider how it will be used and try to visualize it, in order to capture it in the design.

Kitchen design, excellent lighting balance

illuminated colorful functional kitchen design

Ideally, we would have the possibility to select the location of this space . Starting from this premise we must choose an area that is not far from the dining room. Prioritizing areas that are at the same level. This facilitates comfort and fluency if we are to serve guests and friends during some celebration. Throughout the design of kitchens should be ensured by the presence of natural light and consequently determine its orientation.

Contrast of copper, gray and gold elements

kitchen design golden materials elements

According to the specialists to guarantee full functionality in the kitchen, what is known as a working triangle must be created. It is the imaginary space that is formed between the refrigerator, the kitchen and the dishwasher. This is where the main tasks within the kitchen are developed. Good planning and design This area ensures that the cooking is centered in a single space.

Island for increased functionality

kitchen design elegant steel lamparas

In terms of furniture you have to play with the variations in height. We will accommodate them functionally according to our area. As important details it is necessary that you never install the kitchen under windows, it can be risky. In this area also avoids the curtains the wind could bring them too close to the cooking area. Evaluate the proposals that we bring today and adjust some to your measure.

Modern kitchen with LED lights

kitchen design open modern sofa

Practical location after dining

kitchen design functional shine cabinet

Dining area inside kitchen

kitchen design functional orange flower pots

Decorated balanced with gray and stainless steel

kitchen design gray steel balance

Design with industrial cutting lamps

kitchen design industrial style lamps

Space for scrubbing and food

kitchen design island white stools

Enhance through the pattern of lights

kitchen design colorful led curtains

Elegant variant with marble

elegant clear light kitchen design

Excellent wooden island with storage

kitchen design solid island wood

Highlighting natural environment with wood

design of kitchens wood furniture design

Workspace in ele

kitchen design wood floor steel

Shelves with built-in lights

Modern kitchen design led shelves

Shelves of dark tonalities

kitchen design dark furniture shelves

Good location with natural light

kitchen design palms chairs light

Cozy and elegant style

kitchen design remodeling cozy lamps

Excellent design by Alessandro

kitchen cut design modern alessandro

elongated outdoor carpet door garden

blue color trend countertop lamparas

blue contrast gray modern books

black gloss modern lacquer surfaces

modern cabinets kitchen yellow dashboard

nice warm small banquet kitchen

modern white kitchen snow cabinets

elegant decoration modern golden lamps

kitchen design high stools wood

modern distribution doors decoration sections

granite countertop elegant steel light

white fruits illuminated kitchen television

gray style painting carpet plants

traditional island design decoration led

industrial lamps cushions blue plants

luxury kitchen lovely poster beams

Modern wood custom kitchen shelves

wood chairs black metal bell

modern spacious space chairs modern island

orange fruity style decorative lights

orange chairs wood floor black

dark cabinets traditional design marble

white wall design yellow island

small shelves books modern decoration

clock walls lacquer surfaces unlimited

rustic cabinets storage entanales chairs

dashboard trend modern design flowers

traditional cozy warm kitchen lamp

traditional metal stools round furniture

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