Kitchen designs - the most current styles

great kitchen designs

In today's article we are going to talk about the kitchen designs of different styles and we will compare each one when contemplating the selection of fifty photographs that we have prepared for them. We hope you enjoy the tour and that the examples can inspire you when making your own kitchen design.

Modern Scandinavian style kitchen designs

wood module kitchen designs

We will start by seeing an example of modern cuisine influenced by the Scandinavian style of decoration. This is particularly noticeable in the light colored laminated wood kitchen module. In this type of designs it is always tried to intensify the natural light using a range of neutral and clear tones.

Modern Nordic style kitchen

super kitchen designs carpet

Also in this kitchen model a certain Nordic touch is appreciated, although in this case it is accompanied by some colorful elements that provide a note of Bohemian style and at the same time rustic. With this we are referring mainly to the wooden beams that protrude and the carpet with classic motifs.

Modern kitchen design by Mint Kitchens

design by Mint Kitchens

The following kitchen design is a creation of the signature Mint Kitchen Group . Here we can see a quite more contemporary style in which the materials are much more massive and rough. The first thing that stands out is the fabulous kitchen island made of marble and dark laminated wood, then we realize that these materials appear in the rest of the furniture in minimalist style.

Design of modern industrial style kitchen

small industrial kitchen three stools

And from elegant minimalism we went to industrial style urban. Above we can see a functional and compact kitchen in which the architectural structures seem to be in view, but they are really designed like that on purpose. Something that draws attention in this model is the absence of artificial colors since each element presents its original appearance.

Vintage style kitchen design

nice design kitchen vintage style

Another style that is opening doors in kitchen designs is retro with vintage elements. In this case we will see pastel, celestial and aquamarine colors appear. Also metallic furniture with rounded shapes and visible handles, unlike in the minimalist fashion as we have already seen.

Kitchen decoration with yellow tiles

yellow tiles wall kitchen

These are some of the most current and requested interior design styles for the moment, although combinations and improvised designs that mix elements to create new trends are always admitted. Finally, as a personal suggestion, we will add that the kitchen designs depend a lot on the style of decoration chosen for the whole home, and even more so if the kitchen shares the same space with the dining room or the living room, so that in order to begin designing we must have a global vision of the whole place.

Rustic style kitchen designs

nice retro style rustic kitchen

In practice there are a number of details that should always be taken into account to improve the image of the kitchen. Good kitchen designs have to be devised since the renovation. To decorate it the tips that we will give you below are vital. When you consider a renovation or a design that makes a radical change, it is necessary to start with the functionality of the kitchen.

Shabby Chic retro style kitchen

kitchen style retro shabby style

It may be necessary to have to change some elements of place. Both the tables and the islands or other furniture must be in the right place. Regardless of the style in the kitchen designs this is an aspect that can not be absent. The weight in the decoration and the image of the kitchens falls undoubtedly in the image of the countertop. They are something that simply steals the looks of our guests.

Kitchen design with natural wood furniture

kitchen natural wood furniture

Countertops for food preparation are basic. It is the place where the dishes are served and shown to our guests. Take them into account to insert them properly in our decoration is essential. Nowadays it is very easy to find a countertop that fits what we really want. The finishes and materials allow a personalized touch in many ways. Laminate, granite or quartz can be mentioned for kitchen designs.

Modern white kitchen furniture

white kitchen yellow chair shelves

On the other hand even the wood with its unique and warm finish. The choice of material is very personal and you decide which will be the right one. Other details such as sinks should look in perfect harmony with the type of countertop and the material. If you think very well according to the dimensions of the kitchen the sink should be taken into account.

Retro style white kitchen design

white kitchen design retro style

The variants of a single breast are a practical example for small kitchens. The fundamental role in all decoration as we know is influenced by the furniture. It is precisely the furniture that we select for our kitchen that will complete the identity of the space. Cabinets and other components are what will give that personalized finish and ensure full functionality.

White kitchen with wooden elements

white kitchen wall wood design

Depending on the type of wardrobe will be the style and the image that is transmitted. A modern kitchen needs rather simple cabinets without excessive ornaments. For the rustic environments those with moldings look perfect. In the long run, as we mentioned, it is precisely the cupboards that will have a fundamental weight in the style.

Design of modern white kitchen with garden views

modern white kitchen views garden

So that the kitchen designs are kept at a functional and fresh level, another component must be added. It is about the islands, a fresh and functional detail that transforms the spaces. With the required space they are always an excellent investment. In them the sink can be included or destined to a space more to elaborate our favorite dishes.

Kitchen design with colored lacquered surfaces

blue green futuristic style kitchen

If you are one of the people who spends time in the kitchen do not hesitate to include one. They are a great ally to gain in functionality and can have multiple uses. Along with some high stools they become the perfect table for breakfast or a meal. Another important detail depending on the model is storage. In the lower part you can easily include drawers for utensils or use them as open shelves.

Design of kitchen furniture with metallic finish

kitchen color gray steel finish

The selection that is made of the tiles is likewise an aspect of contrasts and color. Many materials will save us at the same time problems of stains and other common details when cooking. The location can be really very diverse as well as the possibilities of styles. For a minimalist, traditional kitchen or an industrial one the possibilities will be diverse.

Design of gray kitchen furniture

kitchen gray island green

Modern kitchen design with Led lights

modern luxurious kitchen dark colors

Luxurious island kitchen violet color

kitchen light yellow minimalist style

modern kitchen glass dining table

modern kitchen blue drawers wood

modern kitchen cushions colors

modern kitchen red lamp

modern kitchen wood table

white kitchen nordico style

Celestial color retro kitchen

urban style design kitchens

kitchen laminate wood views

design kitchen furniture steel wood

design kitchen nordica urban style

design kitchens modern brown wall

white kitchen garden design

design of modern industrial kitchens

minimalist design white wood

modern kitchen natural wood design

modern kitchen designs

modern small kitchen designs

urban design modern kitchen modern style

super design kitchen furniture retro

super design kitchen small dining room

island kitchen steel table wood

design island kitchen barrel wood

island kitchen high chairs wood

beige dining room furniture

kitchen style wood industrial module

bright finish kitchen mosaic

white kitchen dining table furniture

furniture kitchen black industrial wall

black wall integrated led lights

perfect fresh elegant white kitchen

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