Kitchen furniture, the latest trends

nice kitchen modern dark furniture

Today we will see what are the Kitchen furniture that are setting trends during this season. We present twenty-five great ideas that will inspire you to make a decision or simply to serve as an example when creating your own design in your kitchen. We will also see innovative technology created for comfort, such as gola handles.

Modern kitchen furniture

modern kitchen metal hanging lamps

Previously we saw that this type of handles consist of strips or openings in the design of the furniture in question that allow the movement of opening and closing doors and drawers by pulling them or making a slight pressure on the surface. In this way the aesthetics of furniture it is simplified and also its management.

Laminated wood for kitchen furniture

laminate link kitchen furniture

Furniture is also very fashionable kitchen with wood laminate . This material is economical and very resistant, a quality that makes it also perfect for any type of furniture, also for the exterior. The set we see in the photograph confirms the aforementioned; kitchen furniture with wood finish and without handles.

Steel kitchen furniture

kitchen stainless steel window views

Next, a kitchen design in which stainless steel abounds. This material, besides being very resistant, offers the possibility of being cleaned very easily. For the countertop surfaces, on the other hand, the silestone with lacquer finish was chosen, as well as for the upper pantry furniture.

Original set of kitchen furniture

kitchen library wood countertop marble

Finally we will see a combination of materials, but also functions of kitchen furniture. This is the case of this kitchen pantry that has been converted into a library. Also the cooking island surprises us with its design, the countertop has a plate marble quite thick, while the legs of the furniture have rounded shapes that contrast with the rest of kitchen furniture. The set has created a multifunctional place where we can read while enjoying an aromatic cup of fresh coffee.

Modern kitchen with white furniture

white kitchen well illuminated furniture

White furniture in classic style

white kitchen classic style furniture

Bright finish for kitchen furniture

functional yellow modern kitchen couple

Lacquered kitchen furniture in various colors

modern kitchen lacquered several colors

Wood laminate kitchen furniture

kitchen wood floor marble laminate

Glass countertop for kitchen island

island kitchen countertop glass glass

island kitchen light blue steel

island kitchen extendable wood table

island kitchen round black stools

kitchen sink modern white design

laminate round kitchen furniture

nice kitchen modern furniture gray

laminated steel kitchen furniture

modern white kitchen furniture lamp

orange kitchen furniture

black kitchen furniture

red kitchen furniture

dark furniture lamps hanging balls

parquet wood furniture white kitchen

terrace kitchen countertop glass views

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