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A concept that is not new but is always welcome are the open kitchens. They are spaces that stand out for their freshness and the way in which light can be used. It is not unusual at all for modern and contemporary homes. The current trend is to make the interior fluid. It seeks to simplify the structure and the decoration. The fundamental thing in these ideas is cooking and design is to maintain functionality. This is the reason why the kitchen barrier is eliminated with other spaces of common use.

Ideas open kitchen with accent in wood

ideas kitchen furniture green chairs

On these ideas you will find our gallery of ideas, kitchen ideas and a whole world of solutions. Very often the kitchen is related to the dining room. This separation is in charge of the dining room table. It is for this reason that the kitchen and the dining room can form a single area. While other spaces of common use would conform others successively. We can see this in some of today's images. These kitchens are a practical solution if we consider remodeling ideas.

Kitchen ideas with natural light input

ideas kitchen sink wood patio

It is also very beneficial for small spaces. A good compact kitchen in which all corners are taken advantage of and with custom cabinets is a luxury. We certainly talk about cooking ideas and preferences, therefore there are no restrictions. The design can be purely flexible so it gains in functionality and organization. For some people if there is not a bit of privacy in this area it can be a problem.

Wood ceiling fans

ideas kitchen industrial fan wood

We have a variant carried out by Smart Design that delimits each area with curtains if necessary. In this way, each area is delimited in an elegant way. Other solutions that we will see take advantage of natural light in a masterly way. That is why the Chan Architecture team places the kitchen, the dining room and the living room parallel to each other, along a glass wall and the sliding door that opens to all this area of ​​the pool and the outside. Without further enjoying these examples.

I work with artificial and natural light

ideas led kitchen decoration lamparas

Shared dining room with kitchen

ideas kitchen wood flowers jarron dining room

Table as separator

ideas kitchen wood lamp fruits

Design with gloss surfaces

ideas kitchen hanging lamparas dining room

Separating curtain, Smart Design Studio

ideas kitchen curtains lights separation

Kitchen with natural light

ideas traditional kitchen white light natural

blue led house kitchen modern space

Snow benches led forest design

gray staircase space modern decoration

fruits dark countertop lamparas

luxurious kitchen plants high banquettes

open wood kitchen concept chairs

wood furniture open concept table

white kitchen machine ceiling design

modern stools style kitchen backrest

modern wooden plants led kitchen

open kitchen family decorated warm

girl cooks open fresh family

lounge black stools kitchen seats

chairs design garden decoration kitchen

white brown wall chairs design

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