Kitchen pantries to gain space

kitchen pantries

One of the biggest problems that women have in the kitchen is that we do not have enough space to store the necessary things and products, especially if the kitchen we have is smaller. For this reason, this article will be dedicated to the solution of this problem with wardrove and furniture that can be used to create kitchen pantries .

Kitchen pantries to gain space inside

modern kitchen pantries

One of the kitchen furniture that you can use to get more space inside the kitchen can be a tall cabinet with many drawers and that has enough space for your things. This type of furniture is very good in kitchens that have a more modern and elegant design especially if the furniture you choose is a black color.

Modern furniture for kitchens with little space

kitchen pantries wood

For another aprte, you can also opt for a wider kitchen cabinets. We advise you to choose some cabinets that combine with the rest of the kitchen. For that, it is best to take into account the material of the rest of the interior furniture and its colors. You can also choose some cupboards for pantry. these cabinets are characterized by being wider. However, you can also find closer cabinets.

Modern and original furniture on drawers leading out

kitchen pantries design

The narrow cabinets are very good in modern kitchens and also introduce an elegant touch and give style to the kitchen. They can be placed in the kitchen as part of a piece of furniture. But if you decide to do this last thing, you do not have to forget that the wardrobe has to be of the same height and the same color as the piece of furniture unless you want to make a combination of colors.

The pantry behind the wall of your kitchen

original kitchen pantries

The kitchen pantries, usually, you can find behind one of the walls of the kitchen, built-in, on the wall with doors of the design that you choose. The built-in pantries are very elegant and do not take up any space in the kitchen, but you have to foresee a small room for your pantry in this case.

A cabin for your very original kitchen with drawers

interior kitchen pantries

On the other hand, if you can not make this forecast you can opt for an auxiliary kitchen furniture, although the furniture we have spoken so far are all auxiliary. You can choose a cabin for the kitchen that has many drawers throughout the cabin. This type of kitchen is very comfortable and practical to store your things and to have room for everything.

Some shelves for the pantry of your kitchen

interior kitchen pantries

Another very comfortable and practical thing for the kitchens are the shelves for pantries. Shelves can be simply shelves placed vertically, one on top of another, on the wall, but you can also choose a high kitchen furniture.

A place in the house thought and designed to be a pantry

kitchen pantries house

Built-in kitchen pantries are the best option to gain space inside. You can do them in a small room or closet with doors and place your furniture there. These cabinets are very comfortable to save space inside.

The cabinets for kitchens that serve as pantries

kitchen pantries houses

You can also make a design next to a column in the kitchen with a wardrobe. In this way, the closet will not occupy a necessary place. We advise you that the cabinets that you choose for this purpose have many stings and drawers because otherwise there will be no sense.

A tall and large cupboard for the pantry of your kitchen

modern wood kitchen pantries

On the other hand, wooden cabinets fit very well in kitchens where wood predominates. This predominance of wood can be for the furniture when all the furniture is made of wood, or when the decoration of the walls and floor of the kitchen is made of wood. You have to bear in mind that when it comes to wood there is a great diversity of colors for the different types of trees. Therefore, we advise you to choose a wood that matches the color of the rest of the furniture, if it is not the same color.

Furniture designed for corners of the kitchen to occupy less space

kitchen counters corners

The furniture designed for the corners of the kitchen They are also very comfortable to save space. Generally, you will find these furniture designed in this way. They are also very comfortable because in the corners there are always empty spaces without filling. In this way, placing a piece of furniture of this type, this space is not lost.

White furniture in the pantry for a white kitchen

white kitchen pantries

In white kitchens the color of the wood also looks good. In addition, if your kitchen is smaller we advise you to opt for a piece of furniture that takes up less space, although in this case it will probably not be enough to store all your things.

A small pantry in the kitchen behind the furniture

cupboards for pantry

A very good option for small kitchens is to leave a small space with some shelves in the wall to store some of the things and provisions and create in this way a kitchen pantries to your liking.

Some shelves that occupy the entire wall of the kitchen

high kitchen furniture

A piece of furniture with glass for the kitchen of your house

kitchen auxiliary furniture

Ample furniture in which to store the things of the kitchen

shelves for pantries

A closet in the kitchen to store things and products

Kitchen furniture

A cupboard to create a pantry in your kitchen

kitchen cabinets

A cupboard built into the wall to create a modern pantry

kitchen cupboards

A wooden furniture for the kitchen of your house

modern pantry cabinets

An original piece of furniture to turn it into your pantry in the kitchen

modern kitchen high furniture

A kitchen with many cabinets and shelves to store things and products

contemporary kitchen cabinet

A pantry built into the wall to create a modern kitchen

modern kitchen furniture

A corner of the kitchen designed to store things and converted into a pantry

modern kitchen cabinets

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