Kitchen project: 50 classic and modern kitchens at the same time

classic kitchen unique island granite black furniture white ideas

In our article today we have classic kitchen project that falls in love. We have compiled fifty images of classic kitchens traditional with modern touches to inspire you. The classic kitchen is a timeless kitchen. The classic style, in fact, has maintained its characteristics unchanged since the dawn, the presence of furniture from wood Solid decorated with inlays are still a distinctive sign.

Classic kitchen project with modern touches

Candice Olson classic kitchen precious high chairs leather ideas

The classic style is distinguished by some peculiar characteristics such as the materials of the furniture, the type of doors and handles, the functional disposition of the space. For a classic style kitchen you should use solid wood furniture with glass doors and shiny handles. Almost all the companies that take care of furnishing the kitchen, include in their collections furniture of this traditional style, always demanded.

Kitchen project with classic style furniture

classic kitchen cabinets high doors glass ideas

You will have many different variants, everyone can find one that corresponds to personal tastes and needs. Look for furniture that has finishes, knobs, carvings and curved lines. As you will see in our ideas today some classic kitchens include grandiose islands that in addition to adding more space for storage serve as a small dining room daily. The furniture, as you know, is made of wood, it is very common to use oak or mahogany because they are very strong and resistant trees.

Shelves and white wooden bench in modern classic kitchen

classic kitchen white cabinets shelves decoration ideas

Another thing that will get your attention by reviewing the images is that for the design of classic kitchens the use of light colors is usual but for lovers of the natural color of wood we also have ideas. For countertops you can use stone like granite or wood. Another very important feature of the classic style are the lamps hanging from the ceiling. The decorations you should use in a classic kitchen are the essential wall clock and the decorative baskets.

Modern stainless steel appliances and classic cabinets in the kitchen

classic kitchen white cabinets island marble ideas

The elements of modern and classic design add a unique touch in addition to elegance and class to a house, which will otherwise be like every other house you have visited. That is why the concept of decorating modern kitchen has become so popular in recent years.

Cream colors for furniture and walls in the modern classic kitchen

classic kitchen cream color white slabs wall ideas

But many lovers of the classic style add details in their modern space to embellish it and vice versa. The importance of modern kitchen design can also be seen in the entertainment industry, since every day we watch TV programs and movies on television, where they offer us modern home decoration that has become commonplace in the homes of the celebrity.

Yellow color for modern classic kitchen furniture

kitchen classic cream small table ideas

This presence of modern decoration in the home of the style has led to an increase in designs that mix the classic and the modern. The design of the kitchen space is an individual expression of each owner, which must be closely linked to the standard characteristics of practicality, functionality and comfort.

Island with wooden countertop in modern classic kitchen


Gone are the days when it was thought that the followers of the "classic" style inside are conservative, if you are ready to experiment and innovate the decoration and the palette of materials and color in your kitchen we invite you to combine the classic and the modern.

Black stove and white furniture in modern classic kitchen

classic kitchen black stove wide table food ideas

The classic will always be in demand, its popularity will never disappear, because the classic style in the interior blends well with other styles. The modern in this case with advancing technologies, the production of new building materials, the manufacture of furniture and decoration items, appliances and kitchen accessories it is impossible to maintain the same design.

Natural wood furniture in modern classic kitchen

kitchen classic island cabinets doors glass ideas

But the demand for classics in interior design is constantly growing due to the fact that modern classical style is very versatile and can be combined with elements of other styles and trends and adapted to the latest technologies and innovations.

Decorations in blue for the white kitchen

classic kitchen white island black countertop ideas

Many people when they review our articles with photos of classic interiors find in them a certain coldness and the lack of high technology clashes with them. In the design of any interior should be sought the beauty, comfort and practicality of modern innovations in the classic too.

Modern and bright modern classic kitchen

kitchen classic island furniture wood white ideas

This is why today we show them classic kitchens in which you can see the introduction of objects, colors or individual elements from other styles. To dilute the traditional the kitchen can be filled with elements capable of encouraging the atmosphere of space is not easy you can use shiny surfaces or glass or the change can appear in furniture lines, in lighting or in certain surfaces or accessories of kitchen.

Small island of light green color in the modern classic kitchen

classic kitchen island small color green clear ideas

Several design techniques can help you transform a kitchen space with the help of modernist elements. Whether it's hanging copper or silver lamps, unusual chairs or setting the position of the furniture in a different way to acquire personality.

White slabs for the wall of modern classic kitchen

classic kitchen white slabs wall countertop granite ideas

With the help of a large mirror surfaces, kitchen accessories hung on the wall and lamps can create an interesting design. Let's not forget a kitchen island with carved wooden elements and design stools with leather details around it.

Matching dining table and chairs with kitchen furniture

classic kitchen place eat precious lamp ideas

The combination of dark gray and black tones, even with traditional kitchen pure white finish has become one of the most popular design techniques. These simple but practical colors keep the situation in tune and create a festive atmosphere.

Steel lamp in modern classic kitchen

classic kitchen white furniture black countertops ideas

For those who are looking for inspiration and do not know how to make their cuisine stand out, they should review the following 50 modern and classic kitchen design ideas. Now review the images and meet your modern classic kitchen project.

Kitchen project with retro airs and modern details

kitchen classic furniture shelves color white ideas

classic kitchen white wood furniture central island ideas

kitchen classic wall brick white stove black ideas

kitchen classic wall wood broad ideas

kitchen classic wall mosaic original ideas

classic kitchen lovely dark colors island ideas

beautiful classic kitchen furniture cherry island ideas

classic kitchen clock decorative white cabinets ideas

classic kitchen chairs wood cabinets cherry broad ideas

classic kitchen stools high white wood island

kitchen classic stools wood black wall gray ideas

classic kitchen modern touches white cabinets ideas

traditional kitchen color cream ideas

classic kitchen project beautiful open dining table wood ideas

classic kitchen project beautiful broad light green color ideas

classic kitchen project beautiful cupboards doors glass ideas

project classic kitchen precious bar wood cherry color ideas

project classic kitchen precious island large steel chairs ideas

classic kitchen project beautiful island wood ideas

classic kitchen project precious small island stools black ideas

Classic small kitchen designed by Brian Patrick Flynn

project classic kitchen precious island pequena rosa ideas

classic kitchen project lovely island modern chairs ideas

project classic kitchen precious lamps ideas

project classic kitchen precious wood wide ideas

classic kitchen project beautiful furniture blue ideas

classic kitchen project beautiful furniture red island small ideas

classic kitchen project beautiful wicker high chairs ideas

classic kitchen project lovely vintage high chairs ideas

classic kitchen project beautiful stool high white furniture ideas

classic kitchen project lovely green stools ideas

classic kitchen project beautiful traditional island ideas

classic kitchen fresh flowers vases decorating ideas

classic kitchen functional lamparas preciosas ideas

project classic kitchen beautiful open rectangular ideas

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