Kitchen stools - the furniture that you can not miss.

round metal kitchen stools plants

No doubt we often spend time in the kitchen. Whether preparing something or enjoying a meal. The kitchen has evolved in recent years and its function goes beyond a simple space to prepare food. Now it is also a space to meet friends or family. It is an area for talks while we taste a good wine. These new functions of the space demand a suitable furniture for these purposes.

Wood and woven fiber kitchen stools

wood stools classic fibers

Where to sit is essential and comfort is the priority. The kitchen stools are the option we will discuss today. They are the solution if we do not have much space. We can adjust them to a bar or a Island of cooking , depending on our situation. They can also act as a complement if we have chairs or a table in the dining room. They are very versatile and give a sophisticated touch that can not be ignored.

Chromed kitchen stools

wood floor stools modern floor

The kitchen stools for an animated talk are much more practical. Its design allows us to lean on the countertop, for example. The availability of designs is overwhelming. We have a selection of some in our gallery today. It is a piece of furniture that gives infinite design possibilities. They are available in a wide range of colors and materials. There are kitchen stools made in acrylic which are ideal for small spaces.

High back design

red leather metal kitchen stools

In addition to the possibilities of colors do not reduce the space visually thanks to transparency. Another of the materials is ABS, a highly resistant plastic like PVC. There are other models made of wicker and other fibers. One of its strengths is its durability. They mostly incorporate chromed steel bases or high quality woods.

Height adjustable models

kitchen stools modern designs adjustable

Undoubtedly and as we will see in our gallery the kitchen stools are very practical seats. Its popularity has been increasing especially for kitchens of small format. Although its use has really been extended to many spaces. Enjoy our selection of models and encourage you to include them in your kitchen. You will surely notice how your kitchen comes alive again.

Variant with metal and wood base

modern wood stools wood

Simulation of goat legs

White lamb legs stools

Rattan and wood-based fabric

kitchen stools ratan fabric stool

Hydraulic system for regulation

Adjustable black hydraulic kitchen stools

Design with extended footrest

kitchen stools metal feet rests

Low model without backrest

aluminum white wood kitchen design

Woven fibers, proposal of Kettal

kitchen bar chair design woven

circular base dark metal kitchen

kitchen warm elegant forging furniture

design wood screwed white backrest

elegant dark adjustable wood combined

elegant wood upholstery white textile

white wood cushion black backrest

classic wood tall dark flowers

wood back under bar lamp

wood painting carpet curtain island

traditional wood design stool furniture

light metal chrome modern kitchen

adjustable metal base models

modern dark metal kitchen hydraulic

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