Kitchens 50 ideas that impress

Lauren Rubin Architecture open kitchen white slabs white bar

In our article today we have some very original images with ideas from design of modern small kitchens. You have a small kitchen and do not know how to make it look bigger. Here are 50 ideas to save space and make it more practical. Maybe you have a large living room and a large bedroom, but the kitchen a little narrow. This should not worry you in these images you will see that a small kitchen with the appropriate design can become a practical and modern place.

Very modern designer kitchens

Anisa Darnell kitchen wall slabs white small ideas

The first rule is to arrange the furniture so that there is everything in a small space. The furniture should facilitate our movements so you must organize your positions well. Use the cabinets that are on the wall to put things less frequently. The order is essential to avoid a feeling of claustrophobia. In a small kitchen the shelves can help to exploit the space in height.

Modern small kitchen with classic design

cupboards classic style wood kitchen pequena ideas

But you do not have to put things on the shelves at random, otherwise the effect will be even worse and create an unwanted mess. You can put many products, such as infusions, cookies, pasta, sugar and coffee, in glass jars or pretty cans. In this way, you will add touches of color to the space and put it in order. Open floating wall cabinets, with grilles, or glass doors will look great in the small kitchen and allow you to show all the guests your favorite utensils.

Lovely kitchen designed by Brian Patrick Flinn

Brian Patrick Flynn kitchen design black wood bar green chairs ideas

The perfect materials for the small kitchen are the warm colored wood and the steel as they will give a feeling of depth to the room. For a luminous kitchen use curtains of light transparent fabric and light colors can also take advantage of the cloth blinds that will let in natural light during the day. If you do not have a window or are badly positioned, there are plenty of beautiful lamp ideas that will illuminate your kitchen. Now we leave you with our impressive images of small kitchens to inspire you when designing the kitchen.

Modern small kitchen with mosaic on the wall designed by Claire Paquin

Claire Paquin kitchen small white cabinets mosaic wall ideas

Keep in mind that mosaics are very interesting for interior decoration. Also when it comes to decorating a part of the smallest house you can choose them for the decoration of the walls. In small kitchens are very good and you have to keep in mind that you have to combine the colors of the mosaic with the colors of the interior.

Gray cabinets in the modern small kitchen

kitchen small cupboards wood gray coffee table ideas

On the other hand, the furniture is also very used for decoration of the intreiores because you can use their designs to complete the decoration. This way in kitchens you can combine light colored wood with gray furniture. In this way the gray color will create a contrast with the wood that is very nice. In addition this combination is very suitable also for country houses.

Black cabinets in the modern small kitchen

kitchen small cupboards black wall white ideas

On the other hand, if you want to increase the modernity of your small kitchens you can bet on the furniture of black color. You have to bear in mind that the black color is one of the most used in modern and elegant interiors and you can combine them with a light colored wooden floor and with gray countertops. In this way you will also create interesting contrasts.

Very bright modern small kitchen


On the other hand, in small kitchens you also have to try to increase the light and the best way to do it is by using light colors for the walls and furniture. This way you will not be creating contrasts but you will create the effect of the enlargement. On the other hand, you can place decorative details of a darker color and in this way you can create small contrasts.

Modern small kitchen with furniture and appliances in rustic style

dark kitchen rustic style cupboards wood brown dark ideas

Keep in mind that in country houses you can also introduce modernity and originality. For that you can use some dark wood furniture for what you can opt for oak or walnut and you can combine them with appliances of a lively and strong color. The contrast you will create is very strong and is not appropriate for everyone.

White cabinets with glass doors in the modern small kitchen

small kitchen style traditional island curtain blue ideas

You also have to take into account that if you want to intensify the country touch inside you can opt for some furniture for the walls with some doors with crystals. These furniture are also suitable for small kitchens because inside the cabinets you can place decorative details of other colors that will be visible.

Small island with wheels easy to move in the modern kitchen

kitchen small island wood wheels rustic style ideas

On the other hand, furniture that moves move from one place to another is also appropriate for small kitchens. In this way the islands with wheels and tables with wheels are very suitable for these places in the house. You can also choose them from an ammo that fits well with the other furniture inside.

Slabs of yellow color in the modern small kitchen

small kitchen slabs flashy color wardrobes doors glass ideas

On the other hand, the bright and lively contrasts made with tiles are good also in the small kitchens and in the decoration of the walls of these. These tiles can be placed on the part of the dashboard and you can add small lights under the cabinets. In this way when you light them you will intensify the color of the slabs.

Steel and wood for modern small kitchen furniture

kitchen small table wood benches furniture steel ideas

And if you want to fill your small kitchens with modernity and elegance, it is best to opt for the furniture that combines wood and steel. In this way the design of the furniture itself will carry the contrast and style.

Fresh flowers decorating the modern small kitchen

kitchen small mosaic wall island island wood ideas

Mosaic throughout the wall of the modern small kitchen

kitchen small mosaic wall black lamps ideas

Very small and narrow kitchen with wooden furniture


kitchen small wall blue cabinets wood chairs high ideas

small kitchen wall blue clear white cabinets ideas

kitchen small wall blue island island pequena wood cabinets ideas

kitchen small high chair color silver cupboards green ideas

kitchen small floor slabs white bar high chairs ideas

small modern kitchens open living island ideas

small modern kitchens white cabinets black countertops ideas

small modern kitchens dark wood cabinets ideas

small modern kitchens wood cabinets green slabs ideas

small modern kitchens bar high chairs ideas

modern small kitchens decotation wall blue cabinets ideas

small modern kitchens countertop granite wall beige ideas

modern small kitchens open shelves narrow ideas

modern small kitchens shelves wall closet white ideas

contemporary small kitchens contemporary style blue wall ideas

Modern small kitchens vintage style precious slabs ideas

small modern kitchens close wooden furniture ideas

small kitchens modern island countertop black wooden floor ideas

kitchens small modern island small table benches ideas

small kitchens modern gray slabs wall ideas

small kitchens modern green slabs cabinets gray ideas

small kitchens modern high table wood cupboard wall ideas

small modern kitchens white mosaic black wall ideas

kitchens small modern furniture white walls bar ideas

small modern kitchens refrigerator steel countertops white ideas

Drake Frye kitchen wall white wood island ideas

Gail Fedela kitchen wall black red carpet ideas

Hamilton Gray island white cabinets table kitchen small ideas

Jenny Norris kitchen island table wood chairs black ideas

Julie Dodson kitchen white furniture curtain lovely ideas

Sharon Payer kitchen small stools high bar flooring wood ideas

Shirry Dolgin modern kitchen wall mosaic blue cabinets ideas

Susan Brunstrum kitchen cabinets white wood countertop granite ideas

Susan Brunstrum kitchen bar high chairs wood ideas

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