Kitchens with American bar 35 luxury designs

kitchen white bar modern design ideas

In our gallery of images today we have prepared some original proposals for you kitchens with American bar. So many things happen in the kitchen! When you think about your kitchen you can not help remembering talks, laughter or pecking at 2 in the morning. Since ancient times the kitchen is the place where the family gathers to have a good time.

Kitchens with American bar and LED lighting

kitchen bar combination green white ideas

That's why today we have these kitchens with bar where you can enjoy informal chats and more storage space. The bar can become the perfect meeting place and much less formal than the dining table. When we are having dinner, the normal thing is to sit at the table, but for a quick breakfast or a snack while the food is prepared, the bar is the most appropriate place.

Kitchens with American bar and classic design

kitchen furniture wood design retro ideas

In addition to what we have already mentioned, if you live in a small apartment with the kitchen and living room sharing space, an American bar can become the room separator perfect. Many urban apartments and apartments each turn out to be small. This is why we should not be surprised to find small kitchens in which hardly everything you need, such as a round or rectangular table and enough space for at least 4 chairs.

Small kitchen with bar

small kitchen bar red wall ideas

But an American bar can solve this problem. The American bar usually has a low background (about 50 or 55cm) and its height higher than a normal table sometimes has continuity with the kitchen countertop or with the island. That is why it is usually accompanied by stools or high chairs instead of ordinary chairs.

White kitchen with bar

small white kitchen bar ideas

The dream of many owners of large and small kitchens is to have an American bar or a corner bar. This is understandable, since the angular kitchen models are very compact, functional, ergonomic and comfortable.

Kitchen with dark wood bar

kitchen retro furniture wood bar ideas

And thanks to elements such as the bar, the kitchen always look elegant, creative and modern, since the bar brings an atmosphere of fun because we remember bars, cafes and restaurants when we see it.

Kitchen with small bar

kitchens bar americana pequenas wood ideas

It will be very beautiful to "fit" a corner kitchen furniture with a breakfast bar. An excellent option for all those who are young in body and soul, and for those who want something more for the design of the kitchen wants more than just a space to cook and consume food.

Kitchen with bar and granite countertops

Kitchens American Bar Stools White Leather Ideas

Do not forget that the bar is not a table and you must add it if you want a design with character. There is no reason to put a table in the kitchen if you already have a dining room, if you want to eat a quick breakfast or have a light coffee.

Kitchen with lovely bar

kitchens bar original open spaces ideas

If before in these cases, you had to eat standing because you do not want to take everything to the dining room and lose time, when you add a bar you will enjoy the relaxing effect of dining table when you need it or you can have a snack in the bar, sitting on a chair high.

Large kitchen with bar

kitchens bar wood chair black ideas

You can choose a modern design bar with elongated countertop or just a small one with classic legs like a normal table, you can also complete it with high stools or bar stools. You can design a countertop to match the color of the wall or the same material as the dashboard in the kitchen and put it in the center of the room.

Modern kitchen with bar

kitchens bar original white furniture ideas

The bar can also be a continuation of the island, or in a small kitchen "element" set in bright bars of chrome or other similar structures. The bars can be single-level or multi-level, they can be made of wood, glass, plastic and any other material.

Kitchen with island and bar

kitchens bar chairs comfortable island ideas

In shape they can also be different: elegant, rectangular, square your bar can have multiple facets. The countertop of the bar must be combined with the design of the furniture and walls of the kitchen. If you have a rectangular or square shaped kitchen, it is not necessary to make the bar with an aerodynamic shape.

Kitchens with American bar and original design

kitchens bar stools wood contemporary design ideas

Better to have the same shape as your room or your furniture. You can use the kitchen bar to zone the space. The bar will help you visually separate the work area of ​​the dining room. This is particularly effective where the kitchen and the living room share space.

Kitchen and living room in one

kitchens with open bar open living room ideas

If the size of your kitchen is not very large, it is better for a slightly low bar, which is attached to a steel tube, either on the floor or on the ceiling. In the latter case, the tube holder can act as a shelf support.

L-shaped kitchen

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A small kitchen bar can easily replace the dining table whenever the family is not elderly, it will also visually increase the entire structure and create a comfortable environment for those who love American bar food.

Kitchens with American bar with very original support

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The kitchen bar is a wonderful thing, the main thing is to organize the space below it. Another interesting option is to use the bar as a continuation of the kitchen furniture. If you are interested in this option we will show you many pictures with ideas like this.

Modern kitchen with island and bar

kitchens white bar white chairs ideas

The bar can be added in kitchen with L or U shape helping them to create a cozy interior and at the same time to separate the work area and the dining room or living room. If with our words we have convinced you to choose a bar for your new kitchen our advice is to continue with the gallery of images of bar kitchens. We are sure that you will find the perfect design for your home.

Bar with two levels

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kitchens with black bar ideas

Kitchens with American Bar Classic Design White Ideas

Kitchens with American bar modern design ideas

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Kitchens with American bar between two islands ideas

Kitchens with American bar shelves wall ideas

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