Kitchens with unusual countertops that will surprise you

kitchens with unusual countertops materials island ideas

Today we have some very interesting ideas of kitchens with unusual countertops. If you are tired of the same old marble countertops in our article today we show you some very original materials that you can incorporate into your design of the kitchen .

Kitchens with unconventional countertops

kitchens with blue granite centers ideas

With so many options in the scope of the owners, the selection of a worktop for the kitchen is not an easy task. The choice of the countertop is important as it is a crucial part of the kitchen design and it has to look good and like you.

Kitchens with countertops that attract the look

kitchens with illuminated centers pretty options ideas

In addition you can mix the materials which has many benefits. On the one hand, you can save money by using less expensive material for your furniture countertops, while splurging on something more luxurious for the countertop on the island.

Metal countertops the perfect industrial touch for the kitchen

kitchens with unusual countertops original steel ideas

In addition, mixing materials is a great way to add visual interest to your kitchen and avoid excess color or material.

Kitchen with island that has copper countertop

kitchens with unusual countertops copper original ideas

Here it has an attractive and very colorful countertop that matches well with white furniture furniture that also show a shiny texture.

Kitchens with counter tops and matching backsplashes

kitchens with unusual countertops colorful glass ideas

In the next photo you can see a unique combination of glass and wood that is a sure way to add character to your kitchen. It is a resistant and adaptable material and can last you a long time.

Glass countertop with high hardness that withstands high temperatures

kitchens with unusual countertops glass kitchen sink ideas

The bar is the main focal point of this space, its could add interest with the combination of heights and different materials to create a cohesive space. The wooden cabinets have a very dark natural color together creating a contemporary ambience.

Kitchen with bar and glass countertop very nice

kitchens with unusual countertops massive glass ideas

This countertop in which the wood and glass melt is undoubtedly one of the most unusual options of today. It is very likely that it is not the most practical option but its beauty is irresistible.

Very nice combination of glass and wood

kitchens with unusual countertops fusion wood glass ideas

An island with concrete countertop is a very current option that stands out very well in white kitchens and improves the atmosphere and the image.

Kitchen in white with island with concrete countertop

kitchens with unusual countertops concrete ideas

One more option of island with a glass top, but here what strikes us are the unusual shapes of it and the sink.

A very interesting shaped sink and glass countertop

kitchens with unusual countertops basin original shape ideas

For this central, custom kitchen island a wide and thick plank of wood is used. The dark wood contrasts the white countertop.

Bar with recycled wood countertop very nice

kitchens with unusual countertops pretty wood ideas

A very affordable option is this type of white slab countertop you can choose the slabs that you like and create your own design.

A classic countertop design of white slabs in the kitchen

kitchen bar white countertop slabs ideas

A high quality wood can be perfect for a beautiful, warm and also very durable kitchen. The wide variety of material styles and costs means that you can find the material for the countertop that best suits the design of your home.

Idea of ​​combination of woods in the kitchen with rustic design

kitchens with unusual countertops recycled wood ideas

There is a wide range of products that can be used in kitchen counters, such as amethyst gemstone, which will change its design.

A very beautiful design of ametist stone countertop

kitchens with unusual countertops stone amethyst ideas

A modern trend in kitchen designs is the use of glass as a material for countertops and if it is even better in color.

Ideas to add color in the kitchen thanks to the countertop

kitchens with unusual countertops stone crystal yellow ideas

The countertops that we know as "quartz" are created by an industrial process in which natural quartz particles are mixed with polyester resin.

Very striking quartzite stone countertop

kitchens with unusual stone quartzite countertops ideas

Marble has an incomparable, classic look that always seems to be fashionable. But here we show you a less conventional marble countertop.

An apartment designed by Play Associates with kitchen with countertop and dashboard of the same material

kitchens with unusual countertops marble stone recostruido ideas

The onyx is a beautiful stone that provides a unique originality, not evident in any other type of natural stone. It is a semi precious stone and is formed from limestone deposits.

Original ideas for kitchens with elegant and modern design

kitchens with unusual stone countertops onix ideas

The onyx has the same characteristics as limestone and marble. The difference is that the onyx is much softer than marble and limestone making it much more prone to scratches than other natural stone surfaces.

Bar with very nice brown onyx countertop

kitchens with unusual stone countertops onix brown ideas

The quartz countertops are made with natural quartz, one of the hardest materials to this stone is added a small amount of glass or metal elements to achieve a varied and beautiful aesthetic

Island with black wood cabinets and quartz countertop

kitchens with unusual countertops stone quartz ideas

Agate stone is another exotic semiprecious brown, blue and purple stone. This stone is a beautiful addition to any part of your kitchen, especially when combined with backlighting.

Kitchens with bright attractive countertops

kitchens with stone countertops brilliant agate ideas

Here is a very attractive marble countertop that blends very well with the natural wood furniture.

Kitchen with island classic design and marble countertop

countertop island kitchen marble modern ideas

There are a lot of reasons why granite is so popular this natural stone has a lot of character, with unique grains, colors and customizable finishes. When properly sealed correctly, it is one of the most durable options out there.

Modern and spacious kitchen with island with granite countertop

island large kitchen countertop granite ideas

The lacquered wood as expected adds a touch of luxury style and glamor to the kitchen. It is surprisingly elegant and unexpectedly fresh, if we could add.

Bright kitchen with island with wooden countertop

glossy lacquered wood island kitchen countertop ideas

There is a wide range of products that can be used for kitchen countertops, such as the precious stone, concrete and tile. We advise you to review these kitchen options with unusual countertops and inspire you.

Another design of stone countertops in the kitchen that imitate wood

wood imitating stone countertop dashboard kitchen ideas



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