Kodama Zome swing with zonohedron shape

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Today we present the swing Kodama Zome , a hanging structure in the form of zonohedron that has caused a worldwide furore. Its designer is the structural engineer Richie Duncan, but the shape of the piece itself is inspired by the creations of architect Buckminster Fuller, who knew how to combine the zonohedra shape and the dome, hence the name "Zome".

Kodama swing Zome pendant

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The hanging structure allows a pendulum swinging either hung from a tree or any support intended for such use. The swing is covered with steel powder and hangs from an outdoor grade polyester tape. The quilts are made to order, being able to choose from a wide range of shades with fabric upholstery Sunbrella .

Zome structure with support base

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As you can see in the images, the Kodama Zome can be adapted to multiple uses and needs, which makes it a really fantastic piece. The company also offers the possibility of modifying its designs in order to satisfy the requests of each one of its clients, including the placement of the structure s in the most suitable areas.

Zome swing design for floor

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In the image above we can see a Zome floor swing that is equipped with its own support bases. We can really say that this amazing piece can become the icing on the cake of any yard It is a great way to surprise your family and guests. In conclusion, we hope that the article has been to your liking, you can learn more news and fashion designs in our next posts, meanwhile, here we leave you with our collection of images of the Kodama Zome swing.

Hanging swing Kodama Zome

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Swing design Zome pendant

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open gymnast legs mesh Zome

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