Lamparas design and all the light of nature at home.

lamparas design natural artistic coconuts

The lamps are one of those complements that give a special character to the space they inhabit. Most designs are usually highly interesting and even futuristic. Each time new models are introduced and it is an area in which creativity has no limits. Today we will dedicate some lines to this theme, design lamps and the enhancement of lamps made from natural elements. As we will see in our gallery are pieces that bring nature to our home and create a truly harmonious environment.

Lamps design and variants with branches

lamps design room elegant branches

Really unusual designs but of great character. In terms of design and natural lamps, the products made from logs are taking on a new air. They are really dynamic models thanks to the dissimilar patterns of the wood. When taken in its natural state the piece can be unrepeatable because surely we will not find trunks or branches with the same characteristics. There are variants that simply take the trunk as a base or you can even get to mix, as we will see, several branches. This last case requires some element to keep them together.

Lamps spherical design with trunks

lamps design wood sphere trunks

For this purpose there are hoops metallic which then contrast very well with wood. A separate mention should be made of some models with marine elements. Some shells or shells can also make something exquisite from our environment. There are solutions like the ones we have in the gallery that are quite simple. A large transparent bottle with varied of these species has a great decorative value. Ideal for houses near the sea is a simple method of creating harmony with the interior and exterior of our home.

Design made on natural rocks

lamps design rocks room stone

For design or decoration lamps, the marine theme is always a point of reference. Others that are very functional are those elaborated from salt crystals . They are very popular and their balance with nature is magical. The decorative element is complemented by its influence on health. They are very beneficial to clean the air and the touch of mysticism is excellent. Enjoy these models that we bring today and enhance that natural touch in your home.

Natural salt crystals

lamps design salt air purifier crystals

Natural trunk with fabric and circular base

lamps design trunk natural embroidery

Grouping branches in vertical variant

lamps design natural trunk strung branches

Trunk with lights in interior

lamps design trunk trimmed lights

Simple solution with light bulb

lamps design trunks light bulb simple

Pendant lamp with natural shade

lamps design pendant light bulb trunks

Spherical base of treated logs

rounded base wood spherical trunks

trunk strings lamp hanging bottles

snail illuminated diy metal lamp

snail pink table night room

pendant model lamparas conchas natural

sea ​​shells natural taste botellon

elegant quarter wood trunk customized

lit attractive seashell shell

large hedgehog lamp base wood

sea ​​urchin lamparas spherical night

iron forging metal pressed lamp

bold planters design ecological plants

models shells interior bottle sailor

watch shells bottle salon snails

salt room pure air crystals

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