Landscape beauty and relaxation, a very special cabin in Big Sur.

landscape beauty relax style cottage floor

Beauty and relaxation landscape are just some of the things we can find in Big Sur. This rugged coastline is highly recognized around the world. Especially for its unique beauty and the unparalleled views. Panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Today we will take a look at a very unique cabin located in this area.

Landscape beauty and relaxation, view from terrace

landscape beauty relax style sea staircase

In its origins this property belonged to the designer Kipp Stewart. One of its particularities are its beautiful views. This architectural jewel is a beautiful refuge for a weekend. From the first moment it is remarkable how it combines the past and an environment modern . All conjugating in full harmony with natural beauty.

Natural beauty landscape of wood

landscape beauty relax style lights beds

All this current image is the work of the Schicketanz studio. Those who added a new one kitchen and the bathroom. In general, an intelligent reform that resulted in a fresh and bright atmosphere. Draw attention to the different pieces that we can find inside. They are a mixture of mid-century decorative accessories.

Living room with panoramic view

landscape beauty relax style yellow picture

Iconic pieces, as well as very clever lighting accessories. There is also a collection of personal art from its new owner. The furniture is mostly contemporary made in plush. What makes it extremely comfortable. The use of color is another of its striking attributes.

Attractive and functional furniture

landscape beauty relax style interior cushions

Thanks to the color palette that is used the interior is like an extension of the external zone. Especially warm colors and earth tones that complement the wooden surfaces. The living room is a space dedicated to relaxation. It has very cozy reading corners. In addition to containing very close to the kitchen and dining room with stunning views of the sea.

Contrast with natural wood

landscape beauty relax style curtains ceiling

Both spaces open onto an open-air wooden terrace from which the ocean is contemplated. Many of the small details of the cabin were handmade. This does not cause that in general it moves away of the classic style of the wooden hut. Other accents of green, yellow and blue highlight the freshness of the architecture. Enjoy our gallery that today is all landscape beauty and relax with this wonder of Studio Schicketanz.

Bathroom with natural decoration

landscape beauty relax style interiors flowers picture

Contemporary furniture

landscape beauty relax style pictures armchairs

Kitchen with exit to terrace

landscape beauty relax style wood chairs

Taking advantage of natural light

landscape beauty relax style hat wood

Structure for wooden terrace

attractive decoration style house details trees

Built-in shelves to gain space

marine box ideas decorated furniture style

Accessories with warm colors

floor houses designs variants warm cushions

LED lights to highlight decorated

umbrella design wood style lights

Departure from the room

chair houses designs variants ornaments

Rustic exterior in wood and rocks

floor houses designs rustic variants

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