Large walk-in closets and built-in wardrobes - 50 ideas

original blue color dressing design

Today we present the dressing rooms and the built-in wardrobes, a selection of images that can give you some ideas to design a special space to dress and store all the clothes and shoes, the whim of many women who are fanatics of fashion and shopping. We are going to see different types of models; some have a complete work room, while others are much simpler mobile structures that can be placed in different places.

Modern fitted wardrobes and cabinets

beige brown color built-in wardrobe

A closet integrated in a niche of the wall It is the modern dressing model that we can see in the image above. The wardrobe has numerous compartments of different shapes and sizes, ideal for storing all kinds of clothing in them. The drawers and beige doors do not have handles, which makes the design even more modern and compact.

Functional design dressing room

white laminate wood dresser drawers

The following dressing room that appears in the photograph at the top shows a signature design Yulmob . It is an aluminum structure that allows to mount on it Shelves of wood or glass in a personalized way. It is a great piece not only as a dressing room but also as a work module in an office, for example.

Dressing structure beige

wardrobe shelves beige color dressing

A great idea for a dressing room is to place modules with a corner shape. In this way you can take advantage of the space in a more efficient way using it to place the clothes. Another novelty in the design of this type of furniture is the lack of wardrobe doors. This detail also helps to gain in visual field causing a sensation of greater amplitude.

Furniture module made of natural wood

natural wood furniture wardrobe

In the rest of our selection of photos you can see all kinds of designs of mobile shelves or integrated cabinets suitable for different spaces. In relation to the materials for its elaboration, we can appreciate that aluminum, steel and laminated wood appear a lot because they are resistant and not heavy.

Aluminum and laminated wood cabinets

built-in cabinets laminated wood

In the process of designing a custom closet, people can begin to make better use of their interior space. Cabinets that are properly organized can also make the whole room look much tidier.

Modern wardrobe design

cupboards walkways doors accordion shape

Creating an appropriate wardrobe design often involves making proper use of space on the shelves and empty storage space. Some people can fill their cupboards more or less with shelving networks, keeping their clothes folded everywhere.

Wooden dressing room with many compartments

beige wood wardrobe

Other people may have some space for clothes hangers, with stacks of shelves next to those spaces. Some prefer to make sure they have a large amount of space in the locker room of their master bedroom, so they can keep boxes.

Dressing room with wooden shelves and central dresser

dresser closet comfortable center drawers

Some master bedroom cabinets can be closed, but others are designed to remain open all the time. The open aspect can improve a room making it look even bigger. The fact that a wardrobe remains open all the time can really emphasize its good design and the fact that it looks so neat.

Modern design of walk-in closet

lilac clothes wardrobe

There is overlap between the design ideas of a small closet and the design ideas of a large closet. However, larger cupboards give people much more space for creativity. People really should take advantage of their size.

Dressing corner

wood corner wardrobe

Do you want a space where you can find everything you need? Do you have no idea how you can organize the clothes? In these amazing photos you can get inspiration from many interior design ideas of a closet organization.

Dressing closet with wood laminate

nice walk-in closet wood laminate

Each piece of furniture has its place in the house, but the bedroom closet is different from others, since it allows to find everything we look for as soon as possible.

Laminate wood corner dresser

nice design wood dressing

As far as we know, most people often fail to organize the space adequately; and even more in their dressing rooms. The closets in our bedrooms are of the utmost importance, since they are usually larger than the others; and they serve to hide what we do not want our guests to see.

Metal structures with shelves

nice dressing gray color views

A dressing room is the dream of every woman, and the reason is that women like to be surrounded by their luxurious clothes and accessories, walk within the realm of style and try all possible combinations.

Large dressing room for youth room

nice design young style dressing

But the dressing rooms are not just a feminine whim; They are a perfect and spacious solution for storage and organization. You can make it bigger, or occupy only a few squares of your bedroom to make your own costume kingdom. Once you have decided on the space, it is time to think about the design.

Dressing room with glass doors

fourth dressing glass doors

The dressing rooms can be appropriate rooms; or corners half hidden. The recent trends are to leave them open and make the bedroom look more orderly and more spacious.

Design ideas for wardrobes and dressing rooms

fourth dressing furniture laminated wood

The 'L' shaped cupboards are placed between two of the walls of the rooms. Those that have a 'U' shape, on the other hand, occupy more space (three walls), but they seem more interesting. Practice shows that straight cabinets are the most functional option, since their sides allow maximum storage and there is always extra space for a vintage mirror and an ottoman for visitors.

green dressing drawer design

modern design metal shelves

gray wood dressing room design

turquoise bedroom dressing room

minimalist shelves modern dressers

shelves dressing rooms white wall

estuoendo design wardrobes dressing

super modern laminate wood dressing room

super spacious laminate wood dressing room

super dressing glass metal elements

design vstidores mdoernos glass doors

Clear laminated wood dressing module

furniture metal wood wardrobe

laminate wood walk-in furniture

child locker room wardrobe

white dressing room curtain brown

red drawer dressing module

furniture wardrobe green clothing module

original design module area dressing

wardrobe doors wardrobe brown lacquered

wardrobe black doors wooden frame

living room dressing room view garden chair

living room furniture brown wood

beige dresser module chair

white dresser pink drawers

corner module red clothing

beige wood dressing room design

modern contemporary design dressing room

dressing room orange central canape

wood dressing room dark brown

wood dressing room dark brown 1

dressing room color brown baby cart

transparent dressing glass glass doors

locker rooms and closets

walk-in closets and wardrobes

walk-in closets and cabinets

open shelves

modern dressing room

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