Lawn in the garden: tips to keep it green

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Are you tired of seeing that the grass of your neighbor is always greener than yours? If yes, you should not miss today's post because we will list several very useful tips to keep the lawn always green and fresh. We will start by mentioning that like all living beings, the grass needs a series of nutrients to be able to develop properly.

Tips for lawn care

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Among them, it is worth mentioning nitrogen first, which is responsible for the percentage of chlorophyll that accumulates in the plant and therefore the intensity of the green color; phosphorus, commonly found in seeds, which is responsible for the formation of roots; and potassium, which influences the entire metabolism of the plant and the processes of respiration and transpiration.

Needed care for green grass

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We can consult gardeners specialists to obtain these components depending on the kind of grass we have planted. Regarding irrigation, this should be done every week during its growth in 1.5 inches of water generally. It is very important also the proper cleaning of dead materials, for this we can use a rake with care not to tear the grass planted.

Tips for watering the lawn

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Finally we must prune it periodically. This work will be done with dry grass because if wet it could be embedded in the cutting machine and ruin it, in addition, the wet grass can become dangerous. We must also take care not to cut the grass at too low a height as this could weaken its roots and consequently, its entire growth process.

Cut and trim the grass

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Normally the grass should be cut when reaching a height of between 2.5 and 3.5 inches, but in case of doubt it is always advisable to cut it after having reached its maximum level of height. In case of drought it is advisable to irrigate more abundantly but on the contrary excessive irrigation can produce mold and diseases.

Well-kept lawn plot

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Mow the lawn periodically

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Nice green lawn

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Avoid drying the garden lawn

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Green lawn with stone path

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Maintenance for garden grass

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