Lawn watering - tips and tricks for having a healthy lawn

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For many homeowners having a lush green lawn is a symbol of pride and also means having a nice place to relax or play. However, maintaining a green lawn requires a large amount of water, and depending on where you live, there may be water restrictions or simply low water levels for much of the year. Regardless of where you live, it is important to learn ways to conserve water as much as possible. Learning to water your lawn efficiently will help you save money and preserve this valuable natural resource. There are two schools of thought on this: the supporters of an intensive weekly irrigation, and the gardeners who believe that watering every two days is the best way to get a dense green lawn.

Tips for watering the lawn and saving water

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In practice, this depends on the age of your lawn: if it grows for several years and its roots are well developed, a single weekly watering is sufficient. However, young shoots demand more regular watering, especially in summer. Learn your evapotranspiration rate. Evapotranspiration (ET) measures are the amount of water needed for plants to grow and thrive.

Tips and tricks for watering the lawn

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The evaporation and transpiration factors are important. You will need the water that is lost or consumed through ET to be replenished so that the plants continue to grow and thrive, and yet the ET rate will vary, depending on factors such as the grass species in your yard, the climate in which he lives and the seasonal variation of rainfall.

How to have a very green lawn

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ET rates may vary, even within the same city, from one time of year to another. Grass turf does not need 100% ET replacement, turf survival will depend on the grass species and their particular tolerance to drought.

Simple tips and tricks for watering the lawn

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Virtually all types of grass They can survive brief periods of drought, the time that the dry period is followed by a period of recovery. During recovery, it is important to make sure that the lawn is receiving enough water to prevent it from drying out completely.

Have a green lawn

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You can learn about the needs of your own yard by learning more about the variety of grass planted in your garden and studying the ET rate of your region. You can find information on these factors by searching for grass and climate identification guides for your region and ET, respectively.

How to water the lawn

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If you have a rain gauge, then it will be easier to analyze the amount of water received by the lawn. Most gardeners recommend watering with 4 millimeters of water per day, four liters per square meter (approximately 20 minutes with an automatic sprinkler). This amount may seem high, but it is the best way to maintain a green lawn.

Water the lawn with a hose

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For small plots of grass , automatic irrigation is not necessary because the installation would be too expensive and inefficient.

Water the lawn with an automatic sprinkler

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However, in large gardens, it is very interesting to establish an automatic irrigation system since it means a real efficient method for saving water consumption.

Ways to water the lawn

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Water the lawn with sprinklers

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Water large lawn plots with automatic sprinklers

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