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One of the great problems of the s. XXI to which you have to face humanity is money and all the issues that relate to it. Among them are investments, control of finances, the ability to turn them into our best ally, making them work for us. All this would be very difficult, if not impossible, if we do not have an advisor, a strategy that suits our plan and, of course, an appropriate plan.

Law Office García-Vaquero y Fernández de Soto

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The services of Despacho García-Vaquero and Fernández de Soto they fit precisely to these needs, offering us and covering a wide range of solutions aimed at this problem. Starting with the three basic points, which interest any company, autonomous or association, such as tax law, tax advice and planning; going through accounting advice and all the documentation it covers; and ending with the methods and services oriented to the defense before the State.

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Before starting a business or when managing a company, the advisor becomes the most important figure that appears behind the image we give to the public. Although his name and his figure do not manifest themselves so directly and intensely in society, his presence is noticeable when we see the logos of large companies and corporations. Now, to be honest, who has not ever imagined at the top, running his own company and his employees?

The tax law, a service of the law firm García-Vaquero and Fernández de Soto

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The rules that govern this process are linked to the Spanish Constitution and the legal norms through which the State can carry out its tax power. The follow-up of these legal processes must be done by a professional who can easily and naturally offer us the best solution. This process includes tax declarations and any defense before the administrative and justice courts.

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In this sense, the order established by the State and the compliance with the laws so that they act in our favor becomes a task in which qualities such as mental agility, great skill not only with words, but also with the numbers and experience in the profession.

Advice and tax planning

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Another important issue within this professional field is the advice and planning establishing methods and following specific strategies of investment and business development. At the same time, we must not forget the accounting and all the obligations that are related to its methodology.

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In general, it is a very specific branch within the doctrine of Law that requires very specific knowledge, among which we must also highlight the Labor and Social Law part. That is why a law firm specialized in this field will be your best weapon of development and prosperity.

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