Led lighting - 75 incredible ideas for the home.

lighting led bar fruits marble wood

Light is an extremely important factor in our home and for life in general. With it we can build environments and modify even those already created. It is always necessary to be thought and very well designed when creating our interiors. The places where to focus it, the intensity and the types according to the context even up to the color. Something we can not ignore is its cost. I refer not only to lamps but rather to light bulbs and their type. It is a task of great detail but the fundamental keys are two: low consumption and good lighting.

Led lighting in modern bathroom

led lighting bathroom modern washbasin decoration

If we look at our current environment we would find the answer in LED lighting. They suppose a saving of up to 80% in the invoice of the electricity and have an average of durability much greater to the one of the incandescents. The duration is one of its great advantages, since they can last up to 6 years. They can provide up to 100,000 hours of illumination with normal consumption. Traditional light bulbs have a much more limited life. It is a type of ideal light that combines elegance and economy. Several key aspects are necessary for your choice.

Led lighting in blue

led lighting bathroom modern mirror furniture

We must think about what area of ​​the house will be located and depending on this choose the power. It is not the same if we choose to light an area of ​​the living room or the bathroom to create a relaxation area. The angle of opening of the light must be determined when acquiring the bulb. Those with an angle below 40 degrees are ideal as a focal light. These should be concentrated in smaller spaces since it is a more localized LED lighting. Failing that, those of greater amplitude of angle around the 120 have greater capacity to illuminate. They are recommended for bedrooms since one illuminates a greater space.

Led lighting in modern kitchen

lighting led bar chairs plants pots

Basically depending on how much we want to light it will be the choice we make of the bulb in terms of its opening angle. Color is also important and must adapt to the style we want to achieve. The range of colors has variations of several million although the most common are white. With variations of warm or cold light for each environment in question. This color temperature is determined by the degrees Kelvin in each bulb. For their classification, the cold ones around the 5800k are those that emit an intense white light.

Kitchen with blue led

white led lighting blue modern furniture

Ideal for sites that require more intense lighting. The 4500k, pure and intended for kitchens, bathrooms and other places where we want rather a dim light. Finally some very popular warm type, used in rooms or rooms. They have a color temperature of 3000k. The advantages of LED lighting as we saw are endless. They are much more resistant to shock thanks to their composition. Although they are smaller, they can emit the same amount of light. What also supposes an advance in aesthetic matter. Its ignition is fast and besides not emitting heat the LED lighting does not suppose an ecological load.

Warm living room with led in yellow

led lighting warm furniture curtains rocks

They do not emit any type of radiation and the simple fact of its low consumption is a very efficient way to protect the planet. In the design of interiors when applying LED lighting it is necessary to be aware of the colors of the environment in question. The warm highlights much more yellow and brown tones. It is a type of light that invites relaxation and is suitable for rooms for its relaxing effect and propitiating sleep. As we mentioned some lines above. On the other hand if we want to highlight the blue and green tones in any space of the house, the indicated one is cold. According to studies this lighting is the proven one to activate the energy.

Variant in blue for kitchen

lighting led kitchen shine metal lights

If we have our office at home we can choose led lighting in this tone or for any work site. One of the rooms of our home that has been redesigned and changed its image with led lights is the kitchen. We spend a lot of time in it, so good lighting is vital. It is a very elegant possibility of direct light for furniture and shelves. There are designs designed especially for kitchens, from the recessed to the strips and the sconces. Strips or LED tubes are the most welcome in the kitchens. The tubes allow to receive a direct light suitable for a normal performance in the kitchen. They provide power and an exquisite quality in terms of lighting.

Focused lighting with led

Led lighting traditional blue oven kitchen

For the case of the countertops and furniture in general that we mentioned earlier, the LED strips are the most used. They can be used as indirect lighting or simply decorative under the storage cabinets or on the shelves. If we have shelves with glass doors for the dishes would be the ideal place. They can be installed in any corner of the kitchen due to their small dimensions. They are also available in many colors for any modern kitchen.

In modern kitchen accentuating red

lighting led modern kitchen wide red

In other areas of the house led lighting can help highlight the decoration. In the salons we can illuminate a painting or the shelf of a bookcase. They look spectacular also for the contours of pieces such as mirrors. With the variants that we have seen of strips and recessed, you can generate points in which the light is concentrated. Then we can choose if we direct it to the furniture or other decorative elements that we want to enhance. The benefits are really many and the important thing is that they combine economy , elegance and durability.

Kitchen in dim blue

led lighting kitchen cabinet chairs modern bluish

For LED lighting inside you can also use dim lights. These lights are very good in the kitchens and in the living rooms however they are more suitable for the interiors in which the white color are predominant. In this way the light will not remove much of the brightness and interior lighting.

Warm variant for kitchen

lighting led kitchen chairs flowers flower pot

You also have to keep in mind that soft lights give a cooler touch to the interior especially when it comes to blue tones. On the other hand, if you want to give a warm air to your intrior you can use yellow led lights. In this way, the interiors of light colors will increase the warmth.

Decorated staircase

lighting led box colorful wood stairs

Keep in mind that this way of lighting and decorating is very appropriate also for stairs and other parts of your home. On the stairs you can place them on the railings and if your stairs are made of glass the effect will be spectacular. You can also choose to place some bright blue lights that you can also place in other parts of your interior.

White luminaires

led lighting room relax bed lamps

On the other hand, to the lights and led lighting of the intrior you can add large lamps for the floor and small lights for the ceiling. In this way the interior lighting will intensify. This way of decorating is very appropriate for smaller interiors in which the white color predominates because in this way the effect of the enlargement is created.

Staircase and contrast with wall

led lighting blue staircase modern decoration

In addition, the intense colors of the lights for the steps can be used to create contrasts with the color of the walls. This way if you use blue lights for your stairs you can opt for red or orange walls.

Warm homely lounge

led lighting flowers jarron warm lights

You have to bear in mind that orange colors are very appropriate for living rooms and bedrooms since they give a very warm and homely touch to the interiors. You can intensify this effect by placing some lights on the walls. If you have pictures on the walls you can place small lights behind them and in this way the lighting will come out of the pictures.

Focal light in decorative details

focal lighting led plant pot blue

On the other hand, the lights can also be used to decorate the interiors by placing them in the places of the house where you want to get the most out of the decoration. In this way you can also generate very original and modern light and dark shadows.

Luminaires in headboard

led lighting room flowers bed window

Marble kitchen in blue tones

lighting led lamparas marble white blue chairs

Combined tone kitchen

lighting led rocks sofa kitchen blue

Front view of kitchen

led lighting chairs lamparas cocina

Modern living room with white LED

led lighting white modern furniture ceiling

In a traditional room

led lighting butterfly fan traditional design

Effect on wood furniture

apartment led blue plants house furniture

Blue in modern bathroom

modern bathtub jarron flowers led mirror

Bathroom style with yellow lights

bathroom yellow led wood modern mirror

Contrast of light with blue

bathroom decoration led flowers marble jarron

LED white focal

bathroom decoration led modern washbasin

Use for luxury warm bathroom

bathroom luxury modern lamparas hot tub

Design bathroom with luminaires

bathroom bathtub led columns design

Focused lights in frame

bar table lamps pink chairs

white wood living room led modern

balls modern gold kitchen lamps

warm led decoration lamparas salon

warm living room yellow furniture

house lights led sea view shelves

kitchen bar chairs flowers furniture chairs

kitchen led lighting modern furniture

kitchen led lighting recessed furniture

kitchen chairs lights led bar lamps

curtains led decoration plants table

picture led wood sofa table curtains

decoration apartment lights furniture picture

wooden steps light yellow detail

glass shelf lights decoration focalized

flowers led flower pots decoration lamps

geometric design white furniture zen

modern room lamparas sofa cama

interior decoration blue tableware curtains

kitchen lamps led marble sink

led bathroom ocean view luxury chair

led white interior design picture

led white chairs plants table

intense wood blue staircase railing

modern wood branches lights container

wood panel ideas led room

wood sofa lamp classic TV

modern bathroom waterfall luxury seats

modern led decoration lamp sofa

modern minimalist led lamparas chairs

modern living room led design metals

sofa furniture design blue tones

modern design led furniture sofa

salon jarron windows table picture

lounge lights led wood background chair

salon wood led lights contrast

modern living room lighting plants

salon furniture wood rocks metal

living room carpet focal fireplace rugs

living room ceiling modern lights plants

sofa led furniture lamparas blanco

sofa armchair tables chairs colorful

floor box wood circular design

floor furniture base led kitchen

ceiling decoration yellow led blue

zen style room modern decoration

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