Led lights - full of color and life your outer space.

led lights lawn patio wood

There is no doubt that in recent times led lights have been imposed and gaining space. Their excellent benefits also based on their consumer economy have put them in the preference. The aesthetic and possibilities nuance is superior to traditional light bulbs. LED lights are a type of lighting that is characterized by having a very low energy consumption. They adapt to all types of projects thanks to their great versatility.

LED lights in trees and pool

led lights planters wood pool

As we mentioned one of its main advantages is its economy. In general they consume 65% less than fluorescents. In comparison with halogen and incandescent the figure increases to 80%. Added to this is its low level of contamination, as it does not contain mercury or other heavy metals. In addition to not emit ultraviolet rays. The maintenance of the luminous flux is also higher, there are experts who place them almost at 50 000 hours.

LED lights, chromatic variants

led lights colorful furniture blue intense

Something very important is its generation of heat that is almost nil. This data is ideal for our topic today. It implies the illumination of the garden and excess heat could be harmful to plants. On the other hand the ease of maintenance is also a plus of LED lights. Its replacement is very simple and does not require specialized labor. As we will see the possibilities in design are endless according to their size, colors. The possibility in the decorative aspect with this feature are also endless.

Garden with LED spotlights

led lights stairs terrace plants garden

The possibility of having a varied chromatic range makes the led lights ideal for any type of design. In the interior we can see them where we least imagine it and every time they are more common the furniture that brings them already integrated. The atmosphere is transformed into places as busy as the kitchen. Where its real capacity and functionality is also tested beyond the aesthetic aspect. They are an excellent complement to illuminate the edges of stairs and change the whole night atmosphere of our living room.

LED lighting from waterfall

led lights pond table deck chair path

LED lights are inspiring and versatile beyond our home. Today we will share several proposals for patio. All a carnival of color, good taste and harmony in the design. Basically, in the case of exteriors, LED lights contribute to highlight spaces. Normally there are areas that lose visual interest as daylight diminishes. These areas can be illuminated with LED lights in addition to some floors. Preferably the large ones that create a focus of attention in our garden. The lighting in the garden contributes in general to create a cozy atmosphere.

Underwater lighting

led lights pond plants slabs window

We create a totally different atmosphere illuminating the elements that we must highlight for its beauty. Every successful lighting concept should be adapted to the conditions of the garden. This planning should start even from the very planning of the garden. The first thing is to create a sketch and delimit if it is the case, walls pool or ponds. A division by areas must always be carried out. We must concentrate on those areas where there is a lack of light.

Outdoor furniture with LED border

led lights fire cushions furniture

Parts of the garden where we could trip and injure ourselves that should be the priority with led lights. A suitable selection of lighting fixtures can be dependent on where it will be used. For the paths the lights for curbs or in the case of trees which have special supports for the ground. We can put solar lamps for the edges of the terraces equally. With reflectors we can directly illuminate trees or flowers, if we use the solar type obviously our account will be noticed.

Lights on green wall base

lights led bonfire cushions garden wall

It is also an extremely durable variant. Undoubtedly the atmosphere with soft lighting in the patio will give us a cozy space. Another combination in case of having swimming pools are the underwater ones. They set the tone in these spaces, even in ponds. Enjoy the proposals of today that will surely enlighten you. Find the ideas that fit your space and redeem them and add that indispensable personality that can not be missing in each patio.

Lighting design by areas

led lights lawn loungers areas

Monochromatic garden in red

led lights garden red intense patio

Focal light on plants

led lights lamparas exterior piscina

LED spotlights on wall

lights led wall wood grass

Focal lighting on wall

led lights wall table plants strips

Large illuminated tree

led lights patio garden lawn gardening

Focus on wall

lights led patio wall grass garden

Outdoor dining room and LED lights

led lights creative pool dining room

Lighting of attractive aspects

lights led plants wall sculpture garden

Pond illuminated, underwater

led lights rock platform pond

Path lighting

led lights blue path modern garden

Lights on furniture base

lights led terrace flowers wood deckchairs

Led edge with LED

wavy path gravel led grass

house exterior palm tree path lights

house led flowers lamp staircase design

Modern house wall led green floor

waterfall pool red sunbed led

colorful led columns macetreros patio

colorful patio chairs table wall panels

dining room outside wood floor planter

outdoor dining plant planter pond

patio design bambu grass pond led

staircase wall tree led gray

staircase chair slats wood patio

wavy pond led lamps design

gravel mulch fountain garden patio area

wood planter plants flowers wall wood

wavy patio sculpture wood pond

patio design trees lights gravel wall

patio gravel lamps trees planters

patio modern led wall pool lights

patio modern sunshade sofa patio

patio chairs fountain rocks folding exterior

pool steps sunshade led trail

long led pool plants modern patio

pool patio sphere cushions led

pool plants focal light shrubs garden

footpath led lamparas concrete

colorful modern pool bar chairs

zen modern rocks woods led

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