Library in China and its interior

Chinese library

In this article we will talk about a very interesting topic, a library in China, whose name is Hangzhou Zhongshuge, which has been built this year, 2016. Let's take a look at this very original and interesting site that has a futuristic and very modern point.

Library in China, called Hangzhou Zhongshuge

Chinese interior library

This library in which there is space for everyone, for adults and children, presents a very original interior, which we can see in the area that has been designed for children. What strikes us is that it looks like an amusement park with trains, a ferris wheel and even a tíovivo.

A library with an interesting interior design

Chinese library interior design

The library is located in a fairly lively shopping center that is located on Star Avenue in the Binjiang District. This is a city-district that is under the administration of Hangzhou, and is a neighbor of Qiantang River.

The inspiration to create a library of this style and originality

Chinese library design

When you walk down the street you can see the transparent crystals, through which you can see a white space with pillars Circulars full of books. This library becomes a beautiful cultural monument that has been designed for book readers.

An original interior to sit down to read

design library

Going back inside, we see that in the children's area, the rails of the train are full of books . There are circles on the walls that make furniture for books. Everything is designed to create a more pleasant space for reading. But we must also ask ourselves, will not this space, which is so original and modern, distract too much attention from the children?

A modern library in China with space for children

Chinese design library

There is a tíovivo in the center of the room, which apparently does not move, but in these chairs the children can sit and read, after having taken a book from the ferris wheel or the little train. I guess now, reading this information to many of you would like to go and visit this place and take your children there.

The space for children, designed with all kinds of amenities

interior design library

As you can see in the photos, under the sills of the tíovivo there are some holes where you can leave table games to which the children can also play. Children's board games, like books, can be very educational and do not forget that the Chinese are pretty advanced people in the subject of education and training, so it is something that should be taken into account.

Get on the Ferris wheel, pick up a book and sit down to read

interior design chinese library

Here we see the ferris wheel we mentioned above. This wheel is built only halfway, the other half is the image we see in the roof mirrors. You see that the construction has been divided into several sections from which you can pick up books and games.

A modern and original library with space designed for reading

design project

And, of course, as in each library we have a space reserved exclusively for reading. This area is designed especially for the elderly, as in the area of ​​children wanted to achieve the fusion between fun and learning.

The tranquility that white can inspire us when it comes to reading

library design project

And finally, we arrive at the blank space that can be seen from the outside, the huge stained glass windows, through which we see the pillars full of books, now opens before our eyes and we can see it up close.

An original library with space for all

Chinese library design project

The Chinese library Hangzhou Zhongshuge breaks with everything traditional

interior of a chinese library

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