Lighting gardens and lanterns for fantasy nights.

lighting gardens solar flowers plants lanterns

The magic of the garden without doubt at different times of the day is changing. The nuances of colors vary with the course of the hours. The feeling of a new and renewed garden is greater as the night approaches. The effect is even greater if we place luminaries that enhance certain angles of our patio. They give life and the feeling of warmth and comfort is greater. One of those accessories par excellence if we talk about lighting gardens are the lanterns of yard.

Lighting gardens, ancient lantern

lighting gardens old metal candles

They are at all times a very economical and relaxing source of light. They are available in different materials and designs. Made from metals or stone, they are perfectly integrated into each garden. As a rule they have translucent edges that are the ones that project light. Given their varied designs, the lanterns are in themselves a decorative element. Lighting gardens and other spaces benefit from this quality.

Lighting gardens, hanging models

lighting gardens hanging floor lanterns

In spite of being very popular those made of stone for Japanese gardens , other models are imposed too. Its placement is very free and can be based on a support or if we prefer it directly on the ground. On the terraced steps they are always elegant. The models with wooden bases are ideal for these spaces. There are solar variants with very stylized designs too. They can be placed at the edges of the trails.

Beautiful contrast with wood

lighting lantern gardens hanging wood

They help to delimit these areas at night and contrast harmoniously with slabs or bricks. Lighting gardens and many other ideas always give space to creativity. For those who prefer something much more personalized there are numerous DIY ideas what we can put into practice The materials and techniques are simple. Disused glass containers, ropes and some other metal support, are the main ones. Today we will share a selection of lanterns for gardens that stand out for their creativity and beauty.

Magnificent ideas diy

lighting gardens lanterns lights diy

Carved metal

lighting gardens wood candles palm trees

Metal support with candles

lighting gardens steel candles metal

DIY ideas with packaging

lighting metal gardens diy ideas

Various staggered sizes

lighting metal gardens plants flowers

Wood design for candles

lighting gardens candles wood rocks

Various designs

cozy decoration lights creative trees

DIY idea with glass containers

diy lanterns tree chains packaging glass

hanging ideas diy lanterns lanterns

ideas diy lanterns candles tree

japanese style lanterns bridge stone

classic lamp solar tree decoration

hanging lanterns spherical patio flowers

orange spherical lanterns pendant patio

metal lanterns pond decoration steel

metal pyramid solar lantern patio

Hanging signs Lamps night lighting

original lanterns hanging design wall

solar lantern pendant butterfly design

solar lantern modern garden pot holder

metal candles lamps lamps lanterns

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