Living room for single apartment, a luxury

great single room fireplace

Single men also need a room with their own style to spend hours of leisure, so today we will show you seventy five fabulous designs of rooms to be for those gold singles who do not want to do without the latest in fashion for interior decoration, do not miss them, they are great.

Living room for single men

modern eccentric salon many colors

Depending on the age and tastes of the bachelor in question, we will see that the designs of Bohemian style for the living room. Combinations of elements that at first glance seem to be spontaneous but have really been selected strategically to create unique environments.

Living room for single apartments

single apartment dude photo dog

In the image above we can see a design by the firm Alec Helmer that presents a great living room that has all the essentials for comfort but with a really special style. The wonderful extendable table is very beautiful at the same time functional, and the built-in shelves and work compartments on the walls allow to place the ornaments without taking up space.

Living rooms and living rooms for singles

etupendo salon color yellow fireplace

For many, color is very important. We will see below an original and bold design that stands out precisely for its intense colors that contrast thus influencing our moods. In order not to compromise with a particular color for the design of this original room, the author has opted for the embedded lights on surfaces that shine in full color.

Modern style bachelor floor

nice single loft modern floor

Also the merged spaces of small apartments and lofts can have a living room or a nice entertainment corner. In the photograph above we can see a clear example that many daily actions can be carried out in the same place without having to reduce the space available.

White living room in modern style

nice white room modern style

But if our intention is to expand the living quarters we must choose a decoration in which neutral colors abound to intensify the lighting. In several of the designs of contemporary styles we will appreciate that the creators have coincided in their choice of simple and minimalist furniture.

Decoration of living rooms in modern style

minimalist decoration modern white style

It is about camouflaging all the furniture with the architectural structure of the rooms. If the pieces merge with the landscape, distractions are eliminated and our sight relaxes so that it is easier to achieve calm and meditation environments. The model above precisely shows it already mentioned, simple forms become important.

Modern design for bachelor salons

modern design living room white carpet

The great thing about the minimalist style is that it allows you to add details and accents to give certain elements certainty. This is the case of the example we see at the top. On the left we can see a marble wall that stands out from the others, and this is the area dedicated to leisure, to sit that wall will be in front.

Bachelor apartment with studio

studio single floor desk loft

Anyway we must take into account the use that will be given to the living room. In case the place also serves as a study or work area, we will see that the practical and functional occupies the first place in the list of priorities. It is known that many men prefer to have all their instruments and work material in sight and in a specific order.

Living room with pool table

great room to be table billiard

On the other hand, if it is a room intended essentially for entertainment and leisure, we will see some designs that include everything necessary for this. Many singles dream of having a game corner equipped with a great pool table and a bar for meetings and parties with friends.

Great classic salon design

super design classic single room

We will also find room designs and salons for singles with a more classic look. Perhaps for more relaxed actions such as reading or talks in good company, this great model combines elements of various styles to create an atmosphere of elegance and comfort, truly fantastic.

Design of modern lounge for single

super modern design single green

Below we see another design model of functional singles apartments but with a lot of style. Once again, merged spaces appear, but at the same time they visually separate the different zones. This has been achieved thanks to the decoration of walls and floors through structures and leveling works.

Living room with modern fireplace

super single living room modern fireplace

As we will see, this is an ideal way to make the most of all the resources of the place. In this example there is a wonderful work fireplace integrated into the wall of elegant design that also marvels with the minimalist style leisure furniture that consists of several compartments.

Modern lounge for single

great salon very modern style

Another very current detail that we will see in many designs is the lamination of surfaces with wood-look finishes. The novelty is to laminate walls as well as floors, creating optical illusions of prolongation of surfaces. Another use of very fashionable wood laminates is that of the central walls or rather those in which the center of attention of the place is located.

Bachelor floor with living room

great room floor single tiger

It is true that wood brings a very homelike touch to any type of decoration, so it is worth adding wooden elements to our design of living rooms for singles. However, we can choose different sheets for each surface that will bring notes of color and originality to the appearance of the place.

Modern style bachelor loft

loft single apartment wood kitchen

In conclusion, we have seen that the latest trends in the decoration of living rooms and salons for single apartments coincide in giving importance to the inhabitant and his hobbies, making everything available and turn around him to create a Multifunctional space and comfortable for him.

Luxurious modern style bachelor floor

luxurious single floor light windows

Minimalist living room furniture for single floor

lounge furniture single floor living room

Modern living room with bright colors

celestial wall turquoise single floor

Design of modern living rooms

dog sofa lamp stones balls

Modern bachelor loft

single floor kitchen wall green

Modern living rooms and living rooms

lilac checkered single floor sofa

Minimalist design for single apartment

single apartment minimal design tio

Modern duplex apartment for single people

single apartment duplex living room stairs

single apartment living room tv

single apartment living rooms

single floor living room classic beige

single apartment together bath

single green oriental floor

bar room modern green apples

billiard room garage car white

single modern living room

modern single living room

living room apartment bachelor boho

living room pretty single parquet

living room buddha color light blue

living room wall navy blue

living room parquet wood

living room singles billiard table

industrial style single living room

living room single columns

living room all white boho

living rooms modern decor

living room industrial hall modern stairs

old bachelors living rooms

living rooms design modern table

living rooms single men armchairs

living rooms black white gray

single apartment well lit dining room

living rooms

industrial salons

living room yellow apartment kid kitchen

spacious kitchen loft pouf

great rooms being single black white

beige room beautiful view

bohemian salon many colors

living room dining room modern single kitchen

single rooms orange sofa

minimalist single floor loft lounge

lounge ceiling wood single sofa

modern living room large sofa photo

large modern TV room

living room wall bricks sofa beige

living room floor parquet gray armchairs

bright red modern style lounge

lounge armchairs color orange single

single room many horns armchair

single room industrial modern floor

living room single wall green water

large sofa colors black white

black leather long sofa

single apartment wooden parquet floor

single floor hall armchair capitone

single living room table things

single rooms living room modern bricks

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