Loft and kitchen with industrial style and rustic design

loft modern style worn table

The signature Snaidero presents its fabulous designs for small loft-style apartment kitchens and connected spaces. They present combinations between different styles very current that are perfect for young people, dynamic and above all, very urban. The author's inspiration comes from work environments and spaces of great use.

Modern loft with designer kitchen

design kitchen furniture wood table

We will begin the tour of this industrial-looking kitchen. We are struck by the mixture of the elements of a very modern look thanks to concrete and wood. Some details break all the rules, like the "Nolita" handles or the original table worn with laminate wood yellow.

Pewter and glass kitchen furniture

kitchen hood design industrial style

In addition, the appliances are also of own design in which Pewter has been used as a fundamental material, being this an alloy between tin, copper, antimony and lead. Then and within the same style we can see a great kitchen with a more pretentious design than the previous one.

Kitchen units with decorated dog tooth

kitchen color gray hood

Here we will see cabinets and Beton oak pantries with several doors with dog tooth decorative motifs in gray tones, also available with the theme of Portuguese tiles or coffee. Again the pewter makes its appearance to show its most useful features in the smooth finishes of the surfaces. If we peek into the living room of this loft we will see an extension of the kitchen design with lacquered wood elements.

Modern furniture with urban appearance

Modern gray industrial style loft

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the company has put on sale several of the most requested items of this design, among them we can find the container and custom kitchen units. The container is available in two sizes and is perfect for storing a large number of utensils, but you can also choose the combination of laundry, pantry and mixed more suitable for each user. The kitchens appear in four sizes to choose from with the same benefits of professional use, cooking and washing.

Pewter finish for kitchen furniture

kitchen wood cement concrete plants

Kitchen design with natural materials

modern kitchen rustic industrial style

Kitchen shelf with plants and spices

rustic kitchen bookshelf plants spices

Pellet and glass kitchen unit

shelving yellow kitchen bell peltro

Laminated furniture with lacquered wood

golden pendant lamp metal cage

Designer furniture for loft dining

black table black high stools

kitchen furniture finished smooth

furniture kitchen shelf spices spices

furniture kitchen modern design

modern kitchen furniture for loft

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