Loft decoration: 25 ideas for wonderful spaces

loft vibrant colors big sofa red carpet stairs ideas

In today's article we are going to show you very original ideas of loft decoration designed with great taste and style. In today's images you will see a mixture of materials, textures and functional elements that complement each other perfectly. The designers of these spaces were able to combine in an ingenious way the new additions with the original construction of the industrial style.

Kitchen loft decoration with light gray furniture very bright

kitchen loft lamapara lovely pots vases deas

Concrete and brick and wood on the walls of these lofts combined with black steel. Wood is a material used in these lofts as you will see most of the tables and chairs are varnished wood or not. Most of the furniture that was used for these lofts was found in the markets. So do not think it's too expensive to design a similar space.

Industrial style loft decoration with very original furniture

canopy bed original lamps leather armchair ideas

All you have to do is give yourself time looking for unique pieces in the markets or in antique stores. All the lofts were designed with materials for interiors of highest quality and industrial style used in its raw form to thus show its natural beauty. On the walls what you will see are very original unique images that add individualism and create a modern atmosphere.

Orange slabs in the kitchen of the modern loft

kitchen island loft chairs high slabs orange ideas

Very original lamps from the time of the 50s hang from the ceiling of the loft. Very large windows so that owners also enjoy natural light and lack of curtains will see in today's images. We are sure that for each of you, you will find something you would like to add to the design of your own home in these loft decoration images with bold design.

Wooden table and black furniture in the kitchen of the modern loft

kitchen loft furniture black table wood slabs white modern

You have the opportunity to compare the minimalist and industrial style and see which one is closer to your liking. We know that it is difficult to choose. Now enjoy these beautiful designs of lofts.

Long bench and interesting pictures on the shelves of the modern loft

loft dining white shelves decorated ideas

Leather sofa and very original floor lamps in the modern loft

original decorations loft sofa leather ideas

Wooden chairs and white shelves in the kitchen of the modern loft

decoration loft kitchen shelves white chairs wood ideas

Dark colors on furniture and modern loft wall

furniture loft colors dark furniture ideas

Brick island in the modern loft

wood loft decoration stairs kitchen countertops wood ideas

decoration loft style industrial table wood ideas

decoration loft style minimalist picture big wall ideas

decoration loft walls brick modern bedroom

loft wall brick decoration white ideas

decoration loft living room large epejo large palm tree ideas

Modern loft designed by Fernanda Marques

Wonderful island loft kitchen precious lamp ideas

loft style induastrial wall brick white furniture design ideas

loft industrial style white carpet ideas

loft minimalist style kitchen high stool ideas

loft lovely wall stone sofa leather armchair design ideas

loft white sofa low table wood balcony ideas

large table benches wooden loft shelving hanging ceiling ideas

small tables color gold loft lamapara original ideas

furniture leather loft pictures decorating wall ideas

loft decoration white walls bright pictures ideas

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