Loft decoration: 50 ideas for large spaces

sofa leather brown loft modern design ideas

In our article today we have some very original images that show you decorating ideas loft or other very large spaces. If we want to live in a loft and we want to enjoy the relaxation that this type of home can offer especially if you are in the mountains or the sea, but also in the city on a high floor or in the attic, there is no better option than furnish with taste and that is comfortable, adapted to our needs where we can relax and disconnect from the daily routine.

Decoration loft awesome ideas for the lucky ones to own one

striking green carpet loft modern design ideas

If the loft is in the attic, there is nothing better than to start leaving the beams or columns visible, with the natural color of the wood to give a touch of nature immediately, ideal for our primordial desire: relaxation without steel you can paint them black or gray and you will have an industrial design. We show you some very original ideas for the lighting of the loft since it is a wide space you have the opportunity to add all kinds of original lamps.

Decoration loft furniture ideas and very original pictures

bench leather black pictures wall loft ideas

One tip is to replace any slab or concrete floor with polished parquet or clear wood to give it shine and because the color of the wood is very relaxing and warm. For walls the easiest thing is to paint them in white because then you have the freedom to use the full range of colors for furniture and decorations but as your space is large, a gray or black will also look great.

Loft with modern fireplace

fireplace black chair loft modern design ideas

For a loft we can advise that you use few pieces of furniture but that they are functional. Since they have large windows you can place a leather sofa, a coffee table, a shelf for books or magazines, some side chairs and indoor green plants to enjoy the view that you have towards the outside comfortably seated and relaxed. Now we let you review our ideas of loft decoration or spacious houses and apartments.

Modern loft ideas in minimalist style

white color minimalist style loft modern staircase ideas

Original shelves on the wall of the loft

picture wall blue loft design modern ideas

Tree in the middle of very original loft

decoration loft wide open tree furniture gray ideas

Combination of black and white in the modern loft designed by the architects of Planet Studio

decoration loft wide open white black ideas

Large donkey decorating the modern loft

loft decoration wide open donkey interesting ideas

Plants in pots in the modern loft

decoration loft wide open wall picture ideas

Beautiful white armchairs in the modern loft

loft decoration wide open shelving books ideas

Large wooden island in the modern loft

decoration loft wide open island wood kitchen ideas

Garden inside the modern loft

loft decoration wide open garden interior ideas

Floor lamp and glass table in the modern loft

Loft decoration wide open precious lamp ideas

Vibrant colors for furniture in the modern loft

loft decoration wide open furniture vibrant colors ideas

Armchair with striking stripes in the modern loft

loft decoration wide open palm tree flowerpot ideas

decoration loft wide open wall brick ideas

decoration loft wide open piano black ideas

loft decoration wide open blue sofa ideas

loft decoration wide open white sofas ideas

loft decoration wide open floor wall white ideas

decoration loft grass false island black ideas

bedroom wall glass loft design modern ideas

Two story staircase steel black island loft ideas

shelves photos loft modern design ideas

bookshelves books loft chairs modern design ideas

decorative figure loft modern design ideas

isla blanca cocina iluminacion LED- oft ideas

island white loft long wall brick colors ideas

island large countertop granite loft design modern ideas

original lamp loft modern design ideas

open loft sofas original drums broad ideas

loft modern design wide furniture white ideas

loft modern design shelves black sofa ideas

loft furniture color gray island pequena ideas

table benches wood loft modern design ideas

dining table wood loft modern design ideas

gray table spiral stair loft modern ideas

wall pictures bright colors loft modern ideas

walls chairs tables floor wood loft garden ideas

wall black armchairs loft modern design ideas

black leather chairs hanging lamp ceiling beautiful loft modern ideas

chair green vibrant loft design modern ideas

white chair black table loft modern design ideas

white sofa loft table modern design ideas

green sofa loft modern design ideas

green sofa black lounger ceiling wood loft ideas

stools carpet gray loft design modern ideas

touches color red loft design modern ideas

several pictures wall loft design modern ideas

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