Lounges fireplaces and decoration of modern environments.

lounges fireplaces ideas trunks metals gray

A visually pleasing room is extremely interesting with interesting color combinations. The living room is really special when a fireplace is included. Today we will see some cases of fireplaces rooms and modern decorations. Interesting proposals with various neutral tones that can give us varied ideas for our home.

Lounges with elegant fireplaces

lounges fireplaces ideas cream plants

All without losing sight of both the walls and the ceiling, especially the roof can also be very elegant. The whole look of the living room besides the fireplace can be complemented with carpets In addition to the different accessories that can also contribute to create a more attractive space. We can complete the whole environment with accent colors as you will see in the images.

Lounges fireplaces and elegantly decorated

lounges chimneys ideas wood decoration

One of the combinations that tend to look great are beige and brown. Although for the salon to look good, some basic principles must be met well. You can choose to combine the chimneys with a dark brown. It can work as an accent and combine with the light creating an elegant effect. The furniture It is also extremely important for these environments.

Idea in wall furniture

lounges chimneys ideas decoration leather lamps

A leather sofa and a coffee table can not miss us. The space is also used with shelves that can help us to give some order. Properly used can be an extra draw for the room. With this furniture we can combine beige or brown carpets in equal measure. Other color accents can help us make the living room look more spacious.

Bioethanol fireplace

lounges chimneys ideas led red

For this, different tricks with different tone variants are used. In the case that we commented on dark brown tones we can resort to the soil. A variant can be in natural wood of a clear tone. It could also contribute a neutral color. The main thing to increase the space is the walls.

Trunks in walls

lounges chimneys ideas trunks rustic

They can be painted white and try to organize the furniture around the fireplace. It is a way of creating an optical illusion of amplitude in the classroom. Here we leave you varied ideas about chimney rooms and decoration. Surely some of them will motivate you for future remodeling. The modern and relaxed living room that you deserve.

Warm and modern atmosphere

lounges fireplaces ideas warm carpets

Shelf with plants in cascade

lounges fireplaces ideas logs fire plants

Contrasts of yellow and gray

lounges chimneys ideas trunks gray yellow

Walls with textures

lounges fireplaces wood tables gardens

Interesting and colorful rugs

curtains ideas red exit colorful

crystals style ideas delivery wood

crystals style ideas delivery modern art

crystals style ideas exit chimney glasses

crystals style ideas delivery led cream

crystals style ideas floor flowers

leather style flowers delivery cream table

fire details decoration crystals cushions

fire details decoration variants wall

gray ideas design style rugs

wood ideas exit red seats lamps

modern style ideas delivery red wood

furniture style ideas chimney exit leather

candles style ideas gray exit

candles style ideas delivery red flower pots

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