Lounges of elegant design and with airs of masculinity.

man-made metal stripes wood design salons

Many times men leave matters in matters of decor to the ladies of our home. We have to admit, our participation is often very little or simply null. Decorating our house is an adventure that is also enjoyed between two. In addition we also have much to contribute and give even a manly air to our space Do you think it is impossible to decorate your home without having a markedly feminine trend? Well today we are going to break that myth and as a reference we will take some salons of manly design.

Design rooms, masculine touch

design lounges furniture curtains lamparas cojines

We will show examples and ideas of how we can achieve a comfortable and aesthetic space. With unmistakable airs of modernity and personalized in various styles. We will start by the color, the range of colors to give dynamism and comfort to the space should be based on sober colors. For design salons with virile air we can add neutral tones such as white, gray, earth colors and even black. A very important detail is that we have enough light natural by the effect produced by these tones in space. Firstly, we will analyze our dimensions, disposition and quantity of natural light and, failing that, by which colors to choose.

Design rooms, masculinity and sobriety

salons design table metal table sphere

In terms of furniture and materials we can add a classic masculinity, leather. It can be present in chairs or a sofa, even in the auxiliary tables. In these cases the combinations with wood will help to soften the environment. It is a material that in addition to being durable and elegant does not go out of style. So it is an option that we can not ignore to give that manly touch to our room. The prints should be used with some restriction. Limitémonos to geometric figures or stripes fundamentally.

Design rooms, geometric prints

living rooms design paintings cushions lamp

To combine them it is advisable that they be of the same hue and that the combination is not very striking. Always looking for the greatest sobriety possible. Materials such as wool, linen or the iron forge also contribute to give character to manly design salons. Other accessories in the most virile design salons can be metal lamps or vases. We should not rule out giving a warm air to the entire space including carpets or mirrors that can be framed in wood.

Men's air lounge in wood and leather

lounges design leather wood hunting sphere

In this way it would be a perfect balance for the furniture in terms of this material. The use of frames is not ruled out and we can even use some large ones. They are excellent for personalizing the space with images of sports, music, motorsports and other themes of the masculine universe. A wallpaper with one of these motifs can be a variant of having space. For cases of greater musical tendency we can add discs or other elements that are related to this theme.

Sobriety in decoration

sober industrial design bricks cushions industrial

The most daring design salons could also opt for furniture that is inspired by vehicles or that is even made from parts. It is a way to decorate with an air of unmistakable masculinity. If we take the technological theme we can also find a variety of creative options in terms of furniture, paintings and other accessories. There is room in essence for other decorative accessories such as the vases we had mentioned before. The key is in the discretion of the forms and avoid overloading the space and those of very striking styles.

Enhancement of yellow tones

lounges design yellow wood cushions

In design salons with a male visual orientation it is best to avoid furniture or accessories that are not functional or have any use. The design must be fundamentally oriented to functionality. It is time to reflect our character and style in our personal environment. We leave some proposals that are not only suitable for single men. If you do not agree with your partner in terms of decoration also check them out.

Carpet of geometric patterns

lounges design geometric sober wood jarron

Contrast wood and gray walls

design lounges gray wood furniture lamp

Sports themed inspiration

male design lounges cushions sport box

Hunting details inspiration

Design salons black leather hunting horns

Mural with focus light

design salons mural wall metal banner

Accessories of African trend

lounges design skin hunting zebra armchair

Masculinity with leather sofa

design salons skin wooden sofa male

Combination of led and fire lights

design rooms plants striped carpet picture

Striped table style

Design salons striped white virile wood

Minimalist appearance lounge

red designer living rooms modern minimalist armchair

Rustic lounge of masculine air

male rustic design salons skins

Carpet of geometric figures

design living room chester sofa

Male decoration variant

lounges design manly gray wood table

Furniture and floor in dark tone

flag decoration male lamparas bandera

Dark leather furniture

chaster leather black male lamp

Warm pastel atmosphere

pictures stove sober pastel lamparas

Furniture in wood and plants

luxury leather lamparas madera skins

Male decoration in brown

virile leather salon cushions masculine decoration

Men's style, design Jessica Lagrange

male decoration sofa carpet armchair

Salon with shades in gold

golden luxurious black lounge curtains

Eclectic male room

eclectic lamp decoration lights mirror

eclectic salon red sofa cushions lamparas

gray stripes living lamparas muebles cuadros

industrial cafe table deer masculine style

jarron flowers fire table pictures

wood brown shelf bottles furniture

wood hides hunting lamparas cojines dorado

wood lounge cushions flowers wood

metal furniture pictures dark flowers

minimalist salon masculine modern fire

modern masculine decoration wood living room

furniture wood table carpet curtains

wall fenmenina furniture books cushions

skin carpet table plants curtains

silver table cushions lamparas books

refreshing clear salon masculine flowers

watch pictures hunting flower diana

salon leather brown led lights wood

salon masculine leather wood table

salon small lamp geometry stripes

salon visual symmetry male plants

crockery glass windows masculine lamps

view shelf shelf books shelf virile

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