Lounges with fireplace - fifty cozy designs

minimalist salon modern design couple

Today we present you fifty images of living rooms with fireplace in modern style. You can see that the designs of the fireplaces have been renovated to become functional elements that complete the aesthetics of indoor spaces with the element of fire, nothing better to create warm and welcoming spaces.

Lounges with modern design fireplace

modern fireplace fire wheel salons

Chimneys are usually integrated into the architecture, however, we can see examples of chimneys laptops that can integrate wonderfully in any type of space for its modern and compact design. A clear example of what we have mentioned appears in the photograph above; The original chimney in the shape of a metallic wheel brings a very futuristic touch to this modern room.

Room with fireplace by 3ndy Studio

lounges design with integrated fireplace

The design of the living room that we see at the top is a creation of the firm 3ndy Studio for a house located in Fossó, Italy, completed in 2012. The designers tried at all times to take advantage of the materials of the old building for reasons sentimental, and also natural-looking elements, such as wood.

Design of modern living room with fireplace

fireplace living room luxurious modern design

In modern halls with fireplaces the element of fire has gone from being a mere heat source to becoming a true visual spectacle worthy of contemplation. It is for this reason that we will see some models of salons and living rooms whose chimneys are located in the center of the cabin, making it impossible for them to go unnoticed.

Advantages of the chimneys in our decoration

steel fireplace in front of sofa

The first of the advantages is how we see in each photo is the visual impact. In salons especially the visual appeal is immense. However, in spaces like the bedrooms there is nothing better than one for a pleasant and warm space. The salons with fireplace in the aesthetic part maintain a certain detail of exclusivity.

Design of living room furniture with integrated fireplace

modern fireplace wall laminated wood

Just look at many of the cases of modern chimneys in today's images. Visually as we mentioned each zone looks more welcoming quality without many elements in the design. You just can not separate this image with the rest days surrounded by family and friends. A perfect meeting point to have a drink on cold nights.

Design of wall with chimney of work

white carpet dish lemons chair

Every moment is different in the living rooms with fireplace. Even if it's about reading a book, or just listening to our favorite music, every minute will be special. When Christmas arrives, its decorative effect increases, which in itself can be said to be a direct way of decorating. During the holidays they become simply the center of our decoration.

Design of modern fireplaces for interiors

chimneys design minimalist style

Simply with some candles, or any flower ornament the whole room will look decorated. You can not miss a fireplace at home if we want a meeting place. In the symmetrical designs of the living rooms this is one of the reasons why the furniture points towards it. For these situations few add-ons are necessary for the living room to come alive.

Modern design living room with fireplace

fireplaces living room modern design baskets

Some armchairs, a sofa and carpets are some of them. Beyond the aesthetic aspect in dependence on climate many times you can not do without them. Unlike other media, chimneys heat spaces more quickly. Of course, always taking into account the type of fuel. The models that work with bioethanol are those with the greatest ecological impact.

Design of living room with modern fireplace

chinmenea color orange style wall

On the other hand, they presuppose greater savings in terms of energy. In any space, be it the living room or another area of ​​the house, the addition of a fireplace will transform it. If your living room lacks personality they can be the perfect solution. For the living rooms with chimney, it is very important to finish them. Materials such as bricks, iron rocks or marble framed are a great addition.

Modern living room with aquarium fireplace

industrial chimemea modern design salon

Of course the selection of style and materials will have to do with the characteristics of our room. The modern ones are simply dazzling for their shapes and finishes. However, the classic and traditional ones are simply charming. In general, chimneys and their styles allow a flexible game with decoration.

Living room with fireplace

modern fireplace design brown living room

Mixing for example modern designs with vintage elements in the living rooms. Becoming in the long run an extra aspect that adds value to any home. In practice, any storage problem is solved in many ways. For rooms with a fireplace it is easy to accommodate anything at the top.

Modern interior design with fireplace

modern interior design metal fireplace

Especially our favorite books accompanied by candles or family photographs. The classic chandeliers or some small plants in pots are also recommended solutions. The candles for romantic nights are ideal there are several DIY projects that can be implemented to decorate the chimneys. A game with difference in size and shapes will make any combination look more attractive.

Lounges with fireplace and fuels

design Nordic style living room natural fireplace

Among the most demanded at present are the gas and wood. They are the ones that maintain a greater demand despite the existence of other variants of chimneys. Each of them has its advantages so you have to know them well before deciding on one. Evidently for the lovers of the traditional the best ones are those of firewood.

Halls with built-in fireplace

living room wall color gray fireplace

Then we are going to leave you with the rest of the photographs of living rooms and living rooms with fireplace, and perhaps these can be an inspiration to decorate your own home. For more information and to see some more examples of modern interior designs, be sure to visit our website, we will update them by showing images and comments on the latest interior design trends.

Living rooms with fireplace

design living rooms fireplace

modern contemporary fireplace lounges design

design lounges small chimney work

Modern interior spaces fireplace rooms

living room round wall stone fireplace

original design modern stone fireplace

black wall living room fireplace

beige room minimalist design

living room wall relief flowers

Modern living room fireplace led lights

living room fireplace modern green cushion

modern Scandinavian style fireplace room

modern living room fireplace black wall

living room fireplace modern views beach

living room fireplace black leather sofas

classic living room design white fireplace

living room laminate wall wood fireplace

modern nordic style living room design

modern living room color gray fireplace

modern living room fireplace retro metal

purple salon led lights lilac

living room wall fireplace modern garden

living room ceiling high chimney

salon design white orange armchair

living room white laminated wood floor

living room fireplace mountain views

modern living rooms with fireplace views

modern living rooms with fireplace

living rooms with stone fireplace

modern living rooms fire fireplace floor

modern living room fireplace cement wall

lounge design armchair green design

living room green color black fireplace

orange armchair modern style

laminated wood flooring glossy finish

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