Luxurious and modern bathrooms, a unique pleasure


Would you like to experience the luxury of taking a relaxing bath enjoying a beautiful view of the mountain? Or maybe a shower with hydromassage watching the fire in a fireplace? Today we invite you to fantasize about our fabulous selection of luxurious bathrooms equipped with all the necessary details to become sublime places, do not miss them.

Luxurious bathrooms with minimalist style

link luxurious modern bathrooms mirror

Currently our conception of luxury has mutated to such a form seeking the cleanliness of forms and the minimalism that has managed to eliminate practically everything that is not essential. In the image above the designer Antonio Lupi shows us the latest news and trends for luxury bathrooms.

Luxurious bathroom with minimalist fireplace

round tub fireplace patio view

It also seeks the approach to nature for this intimate place, so that the views from the baths or Shower trays also contribute to the state of relaxation, hence the idea of ​​including chimneys in the designs of luxurious bathrooms. In the top picture we can see a great fusion between the different elements with a simply great result.

Total white luxurious bathroom

white rectangular tub zen stones

However, many lovers of decoration and interior design have already opted for the "Total White" style for design and bathroom decoration luxurious A remarkable oriental influence predominates in the environment, in this case the views are pure and neutral so that no detail can disturb the meditation.

Bath tub with minimalist style

minimalist rectangular black hydromassage bathtub

Another option for a design modern of luxurious bathrooms with respect to colors would include black along with other paler and neutral tones. The wonderful bathroom with a rectangular hydromassage bathtub is a clear example of the aforementioned, since color has brought elegance without hindering the

Luxurious bathtub with stone fireplace

Luxurious stone bathtub rustic fireplace

natural lighting. Also luxury designs for bathrooms can have a more rustic and traditional character, as is the case of this example in which the stone is the main material in the decoration, a space with a lot of charm that will make us fantasize about other eras past.

Minimalist style marble bathtub

marble bathtub drawing lamp wall

Luxurious bathroom with marble tiles

marble bathtub views mirror black

Modern design for luxurious bathrooms

modern bathtub uneven shape

Luxurious bathroom with modern design

nice bathroom view green marble

Luxurious, manor-style bathroom

Classic style manor bathroom

bathroom decoration white black

modern bathroom pot plant stones

modern bathroom wall marble circles

beige small bathroom luxurious style

shabby style bathroom chic decoration

Luxurious bathrooms Modern bathtub views

Luxurious wood laminate fireplace bathrooms

modern bathrooms minimalist style white

nice black white minimalist bathroom

four modern green wash basins

super bathroom fireplace glass views

great bathroom modern minimalist style

super modern bathroom zen bathtub

washbasins design modern bathroom tubes

pink marble green luxurious bathroom

minimalism modern gray wall bathtub

super luxury bathroom floor marble

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